Abortion clinic in Bellville

Abortion clinic in Bellville

At our Abortion clinic in Bellville, We respect the confidentiality of all patient interactions, for instance if you choose to include your spouse/friend in your visit to our clinic, we will welcome their participation and address any concerns that they may have. If you choose to maintain strict confidentiality, we will support you in this decision as well. And also, offers quick and safe medical abortion with medically approved abortion pills same day.

How long does the bleeding last?

Bleeding afterward may be variable. Bleeding may last only a few days, or it may last for 2 weeks. If it lasts that long, it shouldn’t be heavier than a normal period. Sometimes you may have no bleeding at all. Sometimes you may not bleed initially, or it could be quite light, and then it may become heavier between days 3 to 6. There may be accompanying pain and cramps during this time, and the loss could be in the form of clots. This may last a few days, then it should settle down. This can happen even if the pregnancy is early. Bleeding may then stop and start, and be dark brown until the next period. Spotting can occur in the first few cycles on the Pill.

A first-trimester termination is a very straightforward, quick-to-perform, and safe procedure. It is approximately 10 times safer than natural childbirth when compared to worldwide studies. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes and is most commonly performed in conjunction with a very safe intravenous anesthetic. Approximately a third of all Australian women have at least one termination of pregnancy.

 Is termination of pregnancy painful?

A termination of pregnancy is most commonly performed whilst you are sedated. You will not be aware during the procedure, and therefore you will have no pain. You may or may not experience some menstrual-type cramps after the procedure, which may be relieved with simple analgesia.

Tests for infection are taken at the time of the procedure, and you will be contacted within a few days after the procedure if you require more antibiotics. There is no conclusive evidence from any medical studies that avoiding tampons, intercourse, swimming, or taking a bath reduces the chance of infection after the termination of pregnancy.

Does termination of pregnancy affect future fertility?

The evidence suggests where termination of pregnancy is available within the law that uncomplicated termination of pregnancy is not associated with an increased risk of infertility. In fact, you may easily get pregnant again after a termination of pregnancy, even before your next period. Other gynecological conditions may affect future fertility (such as sexually transmitted infections, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.) but there is no association with the termination of pregnancy.


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