Abortion clinic in Moreleta Park

Abortion clinic in Moreleta Park

This clinic is South Africa’s top Termination clinic facility, with state-of-the-art facilities complimented by registered and experienced Medical professionals. At our abortion clinic in Moreleta Park, We have made it possible for 100’s of women who have had an unwanted pregnancy to have a Safe and Private termination. We only use Safe and tested drugs which are administered by our registered medical professionals ensuring that your Abortion is Quick and Safe We provide Womb Cleaning Pills and Deliveries of the medicine to those who can’t come in.
In most cases, an abortion is carried out as a day procedure, and an overnight stay in the hospital is not required. Abortion clinic in Moreleta Park call or WhatsApp +27638167664

How much does an abortion with the abortion pill hurt?

Just like with the abortion procedure, how much an abortion with the abortion pill hurts varies from person to person. It may last for several hours, as the abortion itself takes longer to be completed with the abortion pill than with the abortion procedure, which usually takes just a few minutes. You can take over-the-counter pain medications, or your provider may prescribe pain medication for you to take at home. In addition to pain medicine, you may find that using a heating pad reduces pain. Other techniques like breathing exercises and meditation can also help with pain.

For more help deciding between the pill and the procedure, check out our list of pros and cons for each abortion type.

When should you contact a healthcare provider after taking the abortion pill?

Your abortion provider should give you information about when and how to contact them after an abortion, but if they don’t, ask them for emergency contact information and for what things to watch out for.

You should always reach out to your provider if something doesn’t feel right to you after an abortion or if you have questions or concerns. And you should definitely contact your abortion provider (or your regular health care provider) after taking the abortion pill if you experience:

  1. No bleeding yet and it’s been 24 hours since you took the second medication (the one you take at home)
  2. Excessive bleeding (defined as soaking two pads per hour for two hours; keep in mind that bleeding may be heavy and you may pass blood clots though)
  3. Fever higher than 100.4 F
  4. Chills more than 24 hours after taking the second medication
  5. Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea that continues for more than 24 hours after taking the misoprostol, the second medication, which you take at home (keep in mind that nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are considered normal side effects and are not a cause for concern in the first 24 hours after taking misoprostol)
  6. Pain that is getting worse or that doesn’t go away with over-the-counter painkillers more than 24 hours after taking the second medication

Is Abortion Pills Available at a Medical Store in South Africa

How to Get a Safe Abortion: Abortion Pill, and Other Options

No. You will not get abortion pills in any store in South Africa. South Africa does not even have corner drug stores for prescribed medicines. Prescribed medicines in South Africa are sold in full-fledged pharmacies that are given licenses to operate.

You will not find unlicensed corner stores in South Africa dealing medicines like it is in some countries in the developing world.

Abortion Pill Over the Counter in South Africa | Cytotec Over The Counter South Africa

There are no over-the-counter abortion pills in South Africa. Over-the-counter medicines are the ones that do not need a prescription. These include low-level painkillers, cough mixtures, and other medications that do not have adverse effects on people.

Abortion is not even dispensed in pharmacies. You can not even get a prescription for them from a doctor.

Abortion is a serious thing. There is a high probability of abusing abortion pills. So the government has put up controls on who gets abortion pills.

It is legal to get an abortion in South Africa, and it is easy. But there are limits to avoid outright abuse. For that reason, it is only hospitals, doctors’ rooms and clinics have access to abortion pills. This is done, to control abuse.

How much does Abortion Pill cost in South Africa | Cheapest Termination of Pregnancy Medicine in South Africa

Abortion pills are different types, and they are priced differently.

Misoprostol is the cheapest and Mifepristone is quite pricey.

There are other abortion pills with differing prices as well.

Some pills are taken in a combination and others are taken as a single type. A combination will be more expensive than if you take one type.

The dose is not one size fits all. So the dose you get will also determine the price. A big dose is more expensive.

How far you are into your pregnancy (weeks into your pregnancy) will also determine what you pay. If you are late, you will need a big dose. Making it expensive.

Where you get the abortion pills also determines how much you pay for them. Abortion pills are free in Government clinics to a bit pricey in big private hospitals.

So it is difficult to tell you the exact price for abortion pills.

One thing is that you can get them affordably from R600 upwards. The price is determined by those variables mentioned. R600 is the base price, for the right pills. And this is for Misoprostol only.

Anything less than R600 comes with a risk of being fake or a small dose. Just know what you are buying, and you should be OK.

Mifepristone Price in South Africa

Mifepristone is very expensive in South Africa. A dose is in the region of, R1000. Remember that you can not terminate with Mifepristone alone. You have to use it in combination with Misoprostol.

But, Misoprostol can work on its own. You have the information. It is your choice, determined by your pocket. You can either choose to have both or Misoprostol alone.

You will not get Mifepristone pills at Clicks or Dischem so the price there is unknown

Misoprostol price in South Africa

The Abortion Pill: What to Know About Self-Managed Abortions

It is a dose. The dose you get will determine the price. The starting price is R600 or so.

You have to be careful though with what you are buying. Misoprostol in South Africa comes sealed in a sachet. The sachet has all the details of the medicine. If you receive it opened it may be something else or degraded. Misoprostol degrades if exposed to air. It is only opened just before usage.

You will not get Misoprostol pills at Clicks or Dischem so the price there is unknown

Marie Stopes’s Abortion Pill

There is no pill called Marie Stopes Abortion Pill. Marie Stopes does abortion and other reproductive services. They do not manufacture medicines.

The abortion pills Marie Stopes uses is what you will find in centers doing abortion.

The commonest abortion pills are Misoprostol and Mifepristone. But there are many other types out there.


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