Abortion clinic in North Riding

Abortion clinic in North Riding

In the Abortion clinic in North Riding, We offer non-surgical early abortion options using medical termination medication. The Abortion medication is safe and offers a close to natural method of ending a pregnancy. Unlike surgical abortions, there is no scrapping, no scarring, and no significant discomfort. The method is very safe and never complications. We specialize in private early abortion care. We have extensive training and 15 years of experience in early termination of pregnancy.

​Is medical abortion safe?

Yes – Medical abortion is very safe. Unless there is a very rare and serious complication that is not treated, there is no risk to future pregnancies or to the patient’s health. Having an abortion does not increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer or affect fertility. Emotional problems after an abortion are rare and are more likely to happen in women who must end a pregnancy for health reasons, people who do not have support, or people who have a history of mental health issues. Most women feel relief after an abortion.

How does a medical abortion work?

You can receive medical abortion treatment as soon as you find out you are pregnant, privately and discreetly. Two types of medications are used: Mifepristone (Mifeprex or RU-486) and Misoprostol (Cytotec) tablets. The first medication, Mifepristone, blocks the action of progesterone, a hormone needed to maintain pregnancy. The second medication, Misoprostol, causes the uterus to expel the products of conception. Both are tablets a patient takes by mouth (orally).

The medication works very early in pregnancy and allows you to avoid surgery. It is a non-invasive option; it involves no surgical instruments and anesthesia is unnecessary. After your initial visit to the clinic, the process can take place in the privacy of your own home, at a time right for you.

What is the time limit for having an abortion?

An abortion may only be carried out up to the 24th week of the pregnancy. If you are less than 17 days overdue, the mandatory five-day wait time does not apply.

Legal time limit for abortion

An abortion may be performed up to the time when the fetus is viable outside the mother’s body. Under the Criminal Code, this is 24 weeks. In practice, doctors apply a two-week margin of error and stick to a time limit of 22 weeks.

What happens after taking abortion pills

You’ll experience bleeding and some cramping. It’s very important you use pads and not tampons to avoid infection. You’ll be advised to take pain relief in the form of Paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen. Please do not take Aspirin. The cramps may become strong – this is a normal part of the abortion process. Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass clots. This is usually at the time you begin to lose your pregnancy. Often the pregnancy is passed into the toilet. You may not see it specifically, and it may appear as a clot.

Bodies react differently. Some women usually bleed heavily for about 4 hours but as time goes by the bleeding will lessen so will the pain. We always encourage all patients to use abdominal pain medication to ease the pain. A water bottle also helps.

Should you continue experiencing sharp pains and continuous bleeding with clots, for more than three days, please call / WhatsApp our 24/7 customer care line on 0638167664


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