Abortion clinic in Potchefstroom

Abortion clinic in Potchefstroom

The abortion clinic in Potchefstroom for Women is one of the clinics straddling two different realities for abortion access. We also, provide the highest level of medical care and an experience focused on the needs of each patient. The DuPont Clinic cares for people with complex medical situations who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining care.

For mild to moderate pain, you can take Tylenol (500-1000 mg). If pain is more severe, you may take ibuprofen (200-600 mg). In extreme cases, codeine may be prescribed.

If you have a fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or lower abdominal pain after a medical abortion, you can suspect infection. You should immediately contact a doctor as this is a dangerous condition.

If medical abortion fails, it can be followed by repeat medical or surgical abortion. There is not enough evidence available to show that abortion pills can cause an anomaly in the embryo except for methotrexate.

If you are working with qualified doctors and nurses, they will always maintain patient confidentiality. There is no need to worry about your privacy or information being leaked.

You may choose to do so, but remember that it can take 40-60 days before the pregnancy test becomes negative. If you take a test immediately afterward, you will still get a positive result.

It is said that medical abortion is more effective than surgical abortion in early pregnancy. For pregnancies of less than 7 weeks old, this method will be 98% effective. After that, the effectiveness will decrease but still remain as high as 95%.

Yes. Mifepristone and methotrexate need some time for their work. Only after that, the misoprostol will be effective in expulsing all the content. So you need to keep some distance between the two pills.

There are alternative regimens available, but they are used less. Sometimes a single pill is used, but studies have shown that to is 70-85% less effective than the combination of 2 pills.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

The amount may depend on how many weeks pregnant you are if you get anesthesia or sedation for pain or discomfort, your financial situation, and where you get the procedure. Many clinics offer free or sliding-scale payment options based on how much money you make. To explore these options, look into your local Planned Parenthood or other women’s health clinics.


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