Abortion clinic in Refilwe

Abortion clinic in Refilwe

Dr. Mark’s Abortion clinic in Refilwe offers same-day Termination services.  Non-surgical abortion (Abortion Pills) stops the pregnancy. Refilwe Women’s Clinic is a private abortion clinic established to provide women with safe and effective termination services. We recognize how complex and sensitive the issue of an unplanned pregnancy can be. Our goal is to make your experience one in which you feel calm, informed, dignified, and safe. Abortions are safer the earlier, the better. Getting advice early on will give you more time to make a decision if you’re unsure about either Medical Abortions or Surgical Options.

What are the advantages of the Abortion Pill?

Women are generally happy with the Abortion Pill. In fact, most women who took the Abortion Pill/RU-486 would recommend it to others. Some of the main advantages of the abortion pill over a surgical abortion or an Aspiration Procedure are:

  • You Are Able To Be In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home While Taking Both Sets Of Pills
  • Some Couples Like This Method Because You Can Go Through The Process Together And You Are Not In A Doctor’s Office
  • Unlike The Aspiration Procedure And A Surgical Abortion, There Is No Procedure When Taking The Abortion Pill/RU-486
  • Abortion Pill/RU-486 Is Similar To The Experience Of Having A Natural Miscarriage.

Is the Abortion Pill Safe and Effective?

According to organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, abortion by pills is safe for terminating pregnancies in their first trimester. The statistics show that 98% effective for 8-week-old pregnancies and 93% effective for 10-week-old pregnancies.
However, its effectiveness may be affected by factors like the age of pregnancy, dosage, and administration of the pill, and whether the patient has conceived before. The success of the abortion depends on how early the pregnancy is. Consult with your abortion clinic in South Africa to determine the right pills for you.

Is the Abortion Pill Recommended for a 4-week Pregnancy?

Abortion by the pills can terminate pregnancies of up to 10 weeks after the last menstrual period. It can be taken within 70 days or more than two months after the start of your last period. If your pregnancy is over ten weeks and want to terminate your pregnancy, consult with abortion services in Boston for advice and recommendations.

Can I Terminate My Pregnancy Privately On My Own?

The National Women’s Health Network strongly supports the rights of those who want to. They can acquire the FDA-approved abortion pills and take them from the privacy of their homes. However, this will depend on the state you reside in, since different States have regulations regarding medication abortion that keep changing over time. But the good news is that most clinics provide abortion pills, and your OB/GYN or regular health clinic can allow you to have them. For more resources on licensed providers of abortion in Randburg, also provides information and guidelines on how to access and use the abortion pill privately while in the U.S.


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