Abortion clinic in Al Hilal al Gharbiyah

Abortion clinic in Simon’s Town

In the abortion clinic in Simon’s Town, We offer different abortion methods to terminate 1 to 24 weeks of unplanned pregnancy(s). These methods include medical abortion | abortion pills (Cytotec, mifepristone), and aspiration procedures. They are designed to naturally release a woman’s pregnancy tissue in a gentle and safe way, which does not cause damage. With the Aspiration Procedure, your Board Certified OB/GYN will apply a gentle amount of pressure that results in the natural release and termination of pregnancy tissue.

We also offer surgical abortion, which is an operation in a clinic to remove the fetus. You can have a surgical abortion up until 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Sex after abortion

When to have sex after an abortion is solely up to you. You can have sex as soon as you feel ready. However, we do recommend that you wait until the bleeding stops, as this will reduce the risk of infection. Are affordable, and abortion clinics are located across South Africa.

As with every other aspect of a woman’s body, the physical side effects after an abortion differ from woman to woman.
Think of it this way: You may have one friend who loves being on the pill and suffers no ill effects, and another who experiences a whole range of unpleasant symptoms and downright hates it!

Every woman’s body reacts differently to the same things, for a multitude of reasons. The same goes for abortion. Some women bounce back quickly, while others find it takes a bit longer.

How does the abortion pill work?

“Abortion pill” is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol.

First, you take a pill called mifepristone. Pregnancy needs a hormone called progesterone to grow normally. Mifepristone blocks your body’s own progesterone, stopping the pregnancy from growing.

Then you take the second medicine, misoprostol, either right away or up to 48 hours later. This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. It’s kind of like having a really heavy, crampy period, and the process is very similar to an early miscarriage. If you don’t have any bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine, call your nurse or doctor.

Your doctor or nurse will give you both medicines at the health center. When and where you’ll take them depends on state laws and your health center’s policies. Your doctor or nurse will give you detailed directions about where, when, and how to take the medicines. You may also get some antibiotics to prevent infection

These side effects are often reported and could last for two to four weeks after the procedure. They’re relatively normal after a termination, and unless they become severe, they aren’t cause for undue concern.

  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Spotting and/or bleeding

If you use an approved abortion provider and your procedure is carried out by qualified medical professionals, you shouldn’t experience any symptoms more serious than those listed above.

However, not all women go the route of legal abortions. Some turn to illegal providers, and that’s where the side effects can become dangerous and even life-threatening.

This is a comprehensive list of resources for those in need of an abortion : r/Feminism

Women’s Termination Of Pregnancy

In Recent Times, Women’s Termination Of Pregnancy Health Care Issues Have Increased Rapidly. At Doctor Sma Abortion Clinics We Have Different Types, Women’s Health Care Issues Are Given The Utmost Importance At Any Minute Of The Day. We Take Specialized Care Of Sexual Problems, Abortion Procedures While Using Pills And So Much More. Our Doctors Not Only Treat Gynecological Problems Of Women But Also Provide Assistance In Specific Reproduction Problems Or Terminating A Pregnancy using pills that happen Same Day.


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