What happens during an in-clinic abortion?

Abortion clinic in Tanzania

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What Can I Expect If I Take The Abortion Pill?

Before you take the abortion pill, you’ll meet with your nurse, doctor, or health center staff to talk about whether abortion is the right decision for you, and what your abortion options are. But  You’ll get an exam and lab tests and may get an ultrasound to figure out how far into your pregnancy you are. Your nurse or doctor will let you know if there’s anything else you need to do to prepare for your abortion. They’ll give you written instructions on how to take your pills.

Is abortion legal in Tanzania?

There is enormous ambiguity on the legal status of abortion in Tanzania. Section 230 of the Tanzania Penal Code establishes abortion as legal when termination is necessary to preserve a woman’s life. Case law (Rex v. Bourne) further clarified that this life exception encompasses mental and physical health as well.

Despite Tanzania’s ratification of the 2007 African Charter’s Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa (aka The Maputo Protocol) allowing abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy endangers the woman’s life, mental or physical health or the life of the fetus, the government has not incorporated these provisions into its national law.

“This lack of clarity creates confusion amongst healthcare providers and women alike, but  fear of prosecution on both sides pushes women to seek clandestine abortions that are often unsafe”

What are the different abortion services available in Tanzania?

  • Medical abortion (Misoprostol, Misoprost, Misoclear, Cytotec, Misotac.)
  • Surgical abortion (in-clinic operation, manual vacuum aspiration, and/or dilation & curettage)
  • And also, Comprehensive Post Abortion Care (CPAC)

How long will I feel pain after an abortion?

Young woman suffering from menstrual cramps at home. Gynecology

Pain after abortion mainly depends upon some factors including the duration of pregnancy, and the type of abortion procedure, The pain or cramps may vary from mild or moderate to severe.

In the case of medical abortion, the woman experiences moderate to severe pain for a few weeks, accompanied by a heavy menstrual flow.

Who can perform abortions in Tanzania?

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • A clinical officer trained in the provision of abortion services

Where can I go for comprehensive post-abortion care in Tanzania?

There is a network of clinics, pharmacies, and dukas that provide discreet abortion services in Tanzania.

Marie Stopes Tanzania provides a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and client-centered reproductive services to women including CPAC that can be accessed through the Marie Stopes clinics

DKT Tanzania provides a wide range of high-quality, but affordable and client-centered reproductive services to women including CPAC that can be accessed through the DKT clinics

What is the cost of an abortion in Tanzania?

Abortion pills can be purchased and Dukas at pharmacies for between TZS 2,000-75,000+. Cost depends on the brand, the location of the pharmacy, and the pharmacist her/himself. Surgical abortions also vary in cost between TZS 25,000-200,000. The price depends on the clinic one visits. but See below for safe, lower-cost options.

What are the legal and safe drugs available for abortion in Tanzania?

It is available under the brand names Misoprost, Misoclear, Misotac, and Cytotec.

Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Tanzania?

Though it is illegal for pharmacies to sell abortion pills without a prescription and for any purpose other than stopping postpartum hemorrhage, pills are available without a prescription at pharmacies and Dukas.

What do abortion pills look like in Tanzania?


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