Abortion clinic in Lindopark

Abortion clinic in Zambia

Our Women Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality of gynecological care to women of all ages. Our dedicated staff aims to treat each patient and her health concerns with compassion and respect.  But Our dedicated group of receptionists, and nurses, have worked together as a team for years caring for the women of Southern Africa and its surrounding area. The years of commitment of our staff to Woman’s Clinic and our patients span to 8 years.  But Our women’s abortion  Clinic in Zambia offers the most experienced and dedicated staff in Zambia.

Pregnancy Options Counselling in Zambia

We understand that an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. After performing an ultrasound to determine gestation, but, we will review your options: pregnancy termination (abortion), or continuing the pregnancy and choosing adoption or parenting. But We will support you and give you the resources, care, and education you need to make an informed decision.

For those without insurance, but we offer one low price for pregnancy options counseling—this includes the ultrasound and appointment. Pregnancy tests are free at the UNM Center for Reproductive Health.

Is abortion legal in Zambia?

Zambia has some of the most liberal abortion laws in Southern Africa. According to the 1972 Termination of Pregnancy (ToP) Act, an abortion in Zambia can be legally conducted under the following circumstances:

  • Where the pregnancy constitutes a risk to the life of the pregnant woman, including risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or risk of injury to the physical or mental health of any existing children of the pregnant woman.
  • If there is a substantial risk that the child will be born with physical or mental abnormalities.
  • On socio-economic grounds – a pregnant woman’s social and economic environment will be taken into account as well as her age.

What are the different abortion services available in Zambia?

  • Medical Abortion (MA)- Abortion pill (Misoprostol, Mifepristone, Medabon)
  • And also, Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)


Medication abortion (MA) is permitted for gestational age 5–9 weeks (and up to 12 weeks under certain circumstances) and Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) for 5–12 weeks (and up to 15 weeks under certain circumstances).

How does the Abortion Pill work?

Misoprostol Abortion Pill

The first pill you will take works by blocking the essential pregnancy hormone progesterone that enables the lining of your womb to be suitable for the fertilised egg.

The second pill encourages the womb to contract. But This process of miscarriage is usually complete within 48 hours, but bleeding may continue for up to 2 weeks

Who can perform abortions in Zambia?

Any trained medical worker at a licensed government or but private hospital can conduct a safe abortion.

Where can I go for abortion services in Zambia?

Safe abortion services are, theoretically, available at a wide range of Government health facilities in Zambia, from tertiary hospitals to District hospitals, although the actual number of sites providing safe abortion services is unknown.

What is the cost of a safe abortion in Zambia?

  • The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) provides safe abortion and PAC services for free, following the payment of a registration fee. But If a woman is seeking care directly at UTH,  but she will pay about 150 Kwacha.
  • The average cost of a safe abortion is between 250-350 kwacha (including health center fees, pregnancy test fees, transport, sanitary pads, accommodation, etc.)

What are the legal and safe drugs available in Zambia?

  • Misoprostol
  • Mifepristone + Misoprostol (Medabon)

Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Zambia?

Abortion pills can be bought at the pharmacy, and can only be issued with an accompanying prescription.

Birth Control Options for Everyone

Birth control pricing varies by the method you use and your insurance. But Talk to our staff to help you determine coverage.

Your Options:

  • Implant placement and removal
  • Intrauterine device (IUD) placement and removal
  • Injection (Depo shot)
  • And also, Oral contraceptives
  • Skin patch
  • Vaginal ring
  • Condoms
  • Tubal ligation | Permanent birth control
  • And also, Vasectomy | permanent birth control

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