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Abortion pills for sale in Guinea

Abortion pills for sale in Guinea, Abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy. Medication abortion which is also called the abortion pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy using mifepristone and misoprostol. Abortion pills (mifepristone) work by blocking the hormone progesterone which will stop the pregnancy from growing. A second abortion pill misoprostol will empty the uterus completing the pregnancy termination which comes with slight cramping and bleeding

What abortion pills are available in Guinea?

The two abortion pills that are available in Guinea are:

  • Misoprostol, which is available under the brand name Cytotec;
  • Mifepristone, which is available under the brand name Mifegyne; and
  • Mifepristone, in association with Misoprostol, is available under the brand name Mifedia.

Where can I buy abortion pills in Guinea?

Misoprostol and Mifepristone are available in pharmacies, but cannot be sold without a prescription.


Some pharmacists might sell the abortion pills without a prescription; however, they do not often provide proper instructions on eligibility, dosage, and usage. Please refer to the following page on our website for comprehensive instructions on how to use the pill:

Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Guinea?

The following organizations may be able to provide information and support on sexual and reproductive health in Guinea: Association Guinéenne pour le Bien Etre Familial AGBEF

Abortion Laws in Guinea

Abortion is legal in Guinée under certain circumstances.

Is abortion legal in Guinea?

In Guinea, abortion is legal to save the life of the mother or in the case of early pregnancy, rape, incest, and when a fetus has a serious condition.

However, post-abortion care services are legal, though implementation and access remain mired by challenges.

What are the different post-abortion care services available in Guinea?

The two types of post-abortion care services available in Guinea are classified as:

  • Medical methods: Using pills, such as Misoprostol (Cytotec, Mifegyne); and
  • Surgical methods: Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

Who can provide post-abortion care services in Guinea?

Untrained providers can often cause more harm than good. In addition, religious, social, and provider stigma deter many women from seeking out these services.

Where can I go for post-abortion care services in Guinea?

Post-abortion care services can be accessed at both government and private health facilities.


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