Abortion Pills for sale in Nahil in Abu Dhabi

Abortion Pills for sale in Nahil in Abu Dhabi

Abortion Pills for sale in Nahil in Abu Dhabi, With the medical abortion method (often referred to as the abortion pill), a pill (Mifeprex) is given to stop further growth of the pregnancy, and a second medicine (Misoprostol) is given later to cause the pregnancy to be expelled. Except in rare cases, no surgical procedure is needed. If a surgical procedure becomes necessary, there will be no additional charge. The advantage of a medical abortion is that you can avoid having a surgical procedure, and you may go through the process in the comfort of your own home. Many women prefer taking the abortion pill because they will not have to bring a driver with them. This allows them to complete the abortion process without having to involve a friend or family member.

Abortion procedure

The in-clinic abortion procedure is safe. Abortion in the first 14 weeks leads to very few problems. Abortion is at least 10 times safer than continuing a pregnancy.

 How does the abortion pills work?

If you choose to terminate your pregnancy using medication abortion (aka the abortion pill), your abortion will happen at home over the course of a few days. You’ll take the first abortion pill (mifepristone) at our health center or at home, at a time that works best for you. You will likely feel fine after taking the first pill, or at most have some nausea. 12-48 hours later, you’ll insert 4-8 misoprostol pills.

1-4 hours after you insert the misoprostol, you’ll have a period of cramping and bleeding. After that point, your abortion is complete, and you’ll call or return to our medical office 7-14 days later for confirmation. We will make sure that you are healthy, have all your questions answered, and that you have the birth control method of your choice.

What happens during an in-clinic abortion?

If you choose this type of abortion, Beverly, Haverhill, and Lawrence have HealthQ medical offices where the procedure will take place. The actual procedure performed by a physician takes 5 to 10 minutes, but you should plan to spend up to 2-3 hours at the medical office. During the procedure, your provider inserts a flexible, plastic cannula (thin tube) inside the uterus, and uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy.

Your provider will offer you nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax. This wears off immediately after the procedure, and you will be able to drive yourself home. Nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep. If you like, you can also choose to have an IUD inserted or another method of birth control started during your visit.

What are the advantages?

Abortion pills

You won’t have shots, anesthesia, or instruments in your body. It may feel more natural, like a miscarriage. Being at home instead of in a health center may feel more private. You can choose to have someone with you, or you can be alone.

Abortion procedure

It is over in a few minutes. It works 99% of the time. You see less bleeding than you would with a medication abortion. Medical staff members are with you during the abortion. It can be done later in the pregnancy than a
medication abortion.

How much I will bleed?

Abortion pills

Expect heavy bleeding with clots during the abortion process. After that, lighter bleeding may continue off and on for a few weeks.

 Abortion procedure

You may have light bleeding for 1-7 days. Bleeding may continue off and on for a few weeks.


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