Abortion clinic in Kameeldrift West

Abortion Pills For Sale in Tembisa

Abortion Pills For Sale in Tembisa, If you buy abortion pills in our clinic in Tembisa, You will be offered abortion pills plus womb cleaning tablets together for the same price, but You will use pills comfortably at home that will cause a miscarriage. Please follow the instructions. But If you’re less than 6 weeks, you should expect to see only your normal mensuration periods. 

Which Abortion Procedure Is Better?

Medical and surgical abortion are both very effective depending on your circumstances, Medical abortion is very usually cheap and can be done in the comfort of your home safely. But It is quick and safe and you.

Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills?

Here at Neo Abortion Clinic in Tembisa, we offer abortion pills for up to 20 weeks. But The best price is guaranteed with up to a 50% student discount. Place your order online or request delivery.

Safe Abortion

Termination is a time-sensitive decision and action, You have to decide and act early, At some point, you may not even get help, but There are 2 ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic abortion & the abortion pill, Both are safe, effective, and very common, but If you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion, We’re here to help!

Welcome to Medical Health Centre

Hinder the Pregnancy from growing and vaginal suppositories of Termination Pills which will help expel your pregnancy, With no major complications, no risks for future ability to have children,

Get a legal abortion at the Mayo Abortion Clinic, one of South Africa’s best professional Legal Abortion Clinic,

  • Safe Abortion and Post-Abortion Care
  • Womb Cleaning
  • Contraception and Family Planning
  • Women’s Wellness
  • Pregnancy Care
  • and also Pap Smear

Pain-Free Abortion Clinic Services

Our medical abortion clinic procedures will take 40 minutes, with no major complications, and no risks for future ability to have children. Get a legal abortion at the Women Abortions Clinic one of South Africa’s most professional Legal Abortions Clinics.

Medical abortion uses the abortion pill, which involves taking a pair of Pills to end the pregnancy.  Chemical Abortion Options include using The Abortion Pills. Without progesterone, but the lining of the uterus breaks down, and the pregnancy cannot continue. But  Medical abortion procedures are available for terminating a pregnancy and Surgical as well as a second option


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