Abortion Pills for sale in Burkina FasoAbortion Pills for sale in Burkina Faso

Abortion pills for sale in Umm Qarn

The abortion pill is a medication abortion, and it’s important you understand what it is and its potential risks before you take it. The “abortion pill” is actually two pills. One pill ends the pregnancy and the other pill causes cramping, so your body expels the pregnancy. It’s important to have an ultrasound before you have a medication abortion. If you take the abortion pill at the wrong time, it can be ineffective. N.B. Abortion pills for sale in Umm Qarn.

We offer you an experience you can trust

Preferred Women’s Health Centres have offered no-surgery abortion options for our patients for over 14 years!  In 2000, we became one of the first medical facilities in the Umm Qarn to provide abortion services with the use of medications only.   Given the convenience and privacy of this treatment, medical abortions using Mifepristone or the Abortion Pill for terminating early pregnancies continue to be the preferred option for many of our patients.

Abortion Counselling

The Republican-controlled legislatures of NC and GA have enacted a series of legal hurdles for women who seek an abortion. A Preferred Women’s Health Centre will do everything in its power to help you through this process. We must provide you with the opportunity to have certain information and written materials before your planned abortion.

Which abortion option is right for me?

Abortion options available to you will depend on your gestational age. Calculate how far along you are in your pregnancy using our Pregnancy calculator, and then you can decide the most appropriate method. You will also need to consider your country’s legislation and availability of this method, your budget, and your personal preferences. Visit our Abortion with pills vs. Manual vacuum aspiration abortion page or our Surgical Abortion page to learn more about these methods.


How much does an abortion cost?

The price of an abortion varies greatly across regions and depends on which method you decide to pursue. We have detailed information for many countries. Check our Abortion Information Per Country page and our Medical Abortion Pill Brands page to learn more about what is available to you.

How safe are surgical abortions?

Surgical abortions are extremely safe and effective when an experienced OB/GYN, like the ones at FPA Women’s Health, performs them. You’re under the highest standard of medical care in a safe, sterile environment. The team of doctors and nurses is with you every step of the way to explain the procedure, prepare you for recovery, and help with after-care if you need it.


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