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Abortion clinic in Balfour.

At Dr Neo’s abortion clinic in Balfour, We strive to help our clients with the best service possible. We offer free counseling to those who are struggling to make the decision to abort. Among other services, we offer:-

We have ground roots in communities around South Africa since we strive to help the local people. Dr Mike has come together with a number of professional doctors in different parts of South Africa with the same goal of helping people since this is one of the fundamental goals of any doctor. This is evident as we have branches in other places among many others to assist those looking for abortion clinics in amazimtoti and price in addition to an abortion clinic in Nongoma

Abortion for students

Many students are dropping out of school and the rising number of unwanted pregnancies and early child pregnancy is reasonably affecting the future of South Africa. We at Dr. Neo abortion clinic in Reitz, among our other branches, are playing our part to change this by offering affordable termination services and pregnancy care to people searching for abortion clinics near me, abortion pills names and price, cost of abortion, or abortion medication.

How safe is abortion?

Abortion is done using medically approved pills. Abortion done using these pills is very safe, with a success rate of 98%. There are no side effects anticipated after abortion using these pills. To ensure safety,

  How long does the abortion pill take to work

Abortion clinic, the best but most affordable

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What are the side effects of abortion pills?

There are no major side effects of abortion pills, but some minor effects are:-
Nausea, minor pains, and bleeding after using the pills.

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