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Abortion clinic in Boschkop

Abortion clinic in  Boschkop we offer quality Genuine approved abortion pills, that work quickly and are easy to use safely for guaranteed same-day results. Also, Our private abortion clinic offers early pregnancy termination pills, late trimester surgical abortion & womb cleaning services.

If you need to have an abortion in the comfort of your home, then order our abortion pills for a quick & pain-free abortion. We provide both medical abortions using abortions pills & surgical abortions depending on the length of the pregnancy we are here to help you

The Abortion Pill interrupts growth and stops further development of the early pregnancy by causing the pregnancy to detach from the Uterine walls. The effect of both is to stop the gestation from further growth or development. After the initial medication has been given, The pill is administered to induce uterine cramping. These cramps cause the uterus to bleed and shed its’ contents in much the same way cramps promote a monthly menstrual period. The length of bleeding varies and sometimes lasts longer than a normal menstrual cycle.  Your menstrual periods should return to your regular cycle.

There are several types of manual aspiration devices. At Sivana we use the newest state-of-the-art Pro-Vac Aspiration System. When Pro-Vac is compared to the Mini-Vac procedure we found Pro-Vac to be gentler to the uterine lining causing less bleeding, less discomfort, and faster suction without uterine scarring to the patient. An Aspiration Abortion is a safe, gentle, and effective non-surgical procedure that is often considered to be the optimal way to end an early pregnancy. Aspiration Abortion with Pro-Vac uses gentle suction to naturally remove the pregnancy tissue into a handheld device. There are no loud, abrasive noises, and we do not use the harsh and invasive dilation and curettage technique (D&C) used at other centers. One of the greatest aspects of an Aspiration Abortion is that the recovery time is instantaneous. Women leave our offices and are able to return to their normal activities immediately.

What is the Abortion Pill

This method of medical abortion uses a drug called Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, to abort the pregnancy. At your initial visit, a state-of-the-art transvaginal sonogram will be performed in our office to confirm the pregnancy and determine your eligibility to use this abortion method. After this, you will be provided with a series of pills to abort the pregnancy. These last two pills cause the uterus to contract, resulting in the expulsion of the pregnancy tissue. This method is safe and effective. Many women see this as a desirable alternative to surgery and anesthesia.

 What are the advantages of the Abortion Pill?

Women are generally happy with the Abortion Pill. In fact most women who took the Abortion Pill/RU-486 would recommend it to others. Some of the main advantages of the abortion pill over a surgical abortion or an Aspiration Procedure are:

  • You Are Able To Be In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home While Taking Both Sets Of Pills
  • Some Couples Like This Method Because You Can Go Through The Process Together And You Are Not In A Doctor’s Office
  • Unlike The Aspiration Procedure And A Surgical Abortion, There Is No Procedure When Taking The Abortion Pill/RU-486
  • Abortion Pill/RU-486 Is Similar To The Experience Of Having A Natural Miscarriage
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