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Abortion clinic in Elarduspark

We specialize in medical Abortions whereby we use Clinically approved pills to terminate the pregnancy Same day, Pain-free without any complications, and our services are carried out by qualified doctors who make sure everything works out properly and confidentially kept private to suit your needs and budget. Our Abortion Prices in our Abortion clinic in Elarduspark are reasonable that even Students can afford

How far are you into your Pregnancy?

The gestation of your pregnancy, or ‘how many weeks pregnant you are’, is counted from the first day of your last period. Medication abortion can be provided between 1 week and sixteen weeks of pregnancy. However, contacting services earlier can minimize procedure costs and maximize options. In fact, many providers will not help you if you go beyond 16 weeks

Is There Any Risk Involved in Having an Abortion?

Yes, there are always risks involved with any medical procedure because if an abortion is performed by a non-qualified person you might end up with complications or even death. So avoid contacting any clinic you find online or buying unregulated abortion pills on the streets of Johannesburg.

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What tests do I need before an abortion?

When you arrive at Eve Medical in Equestria, expect the following tests:

  • Pregnancy test
  • Blood hemoglobin level to check your blood count and rule out anemia
  • Blood type Rh antigen

You also have a physical assessment. Lastly, your provider performs an internal exam and an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

Find out more about your abortion alternatives by calling or scheduling a consultation online with Eve Medical of in Equestria.

If you are considering having an abortion, you should find a safe abortion service near me, We are a registered safe abortion clinic with a doctor who will provide you with counseling and answers concerning abortion and what kind of procedure will be best for terminating your pregnancy.

How Does Abortion Pills Work

The Abortion Pills interfere with or block the effects of Progesterone, the main hormone to sustain a pregnancy.  Abortion Pills cause the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. Completing the abortion process. Alternatively, you can take Abortion Pills alone, and you will get the desired results. The medical professional will give you the required instructions.  Bleeding may continue for weeks. Pain: Pain management usually requires over-the-counter drugs, usually. Please ensure they are available to you before starting the process.

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