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Abortion clinic in Khalifa city

Abortion clinic in Khalifa city, If you have decided to terminate your pregnancy, be assured that you are not alone. You matter and we are here to help you. Our physicians and professional staff will provide private and confidential one-on-one treatment and will support you every step of the way.  Besides abortion, they offer a full range of obstetrical and gynaecological services, which you can access at this site.  This expertise minimizes the risks involved in an abortion.

Government hospitals, designated private doctors and gynaecologists, and non-profit providers such as the Marie Stopes centres in the Western Cape, offer safe and legal termination of pregnancy.

Important of abortion pills

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How long does it take to work?

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Here’s How Abortions Are Performed

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can cause many emotions and feelings. Abortion is a medical procedure, so it is vital to understand the actual procedure itself before scheduling an appointment at an abortion clinic.

After the treatment

After the abortion pill treatment, you will experience cramping and bleeding. The symptoms can last from a few days up to several weeks and will gradually diminish. Pregnancy symptoms diminish after a week. If symptoms persist or if you have a fever or are unwell.

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