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Abortion clinic in King William’s Town

In the abortion clinic in King William’s Town, We offer safe Abortion procedures using suction procedure (also called vacuum aspiration) and Medical procedure is the most common type of Abortion procedure. It uses gentle suction to empty your uterus. It’s usually used until about 14-16 weeks after your last period vacuum aspiration involves the use of a thin tube (cannula) that is attached by tubing to a bottle and a pump, which provides a gentle vacuum. The cannula is passed into the uterus, the pump is turned on, and the tissue is gently removed from the uterus. Vacuum aspiration usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

What will I feel emotionally after the procedure?

Women express a wide range of feelings after an abortion. From sadness to relief and from anger to grief, a mix of emotions is normal.  There is no right or wrong way to feel after an abortion.  It is important that you consider your feelings carefully and try not to ignore them.

If you find that you would like help in coping with any emotions that you are experiencing after your abortion, the counselors at Women’s Center are available to meet with you at no additional cost after your procedure to discuss any feelings that you are experiencing.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a counselor or therapist outside our Center, we are also able to provide you with supportive referrals.  You can also go online or call organizations that offer free telephone counseling before and after abortion.

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion procedure varies depending on where you are in your pregnancy and the type of procedure you choose.  Generally speaking, the cost of the abortion increases after the first trimester and sometimes increases with each week of pregnancy.  This is because the procedure requires more medication and time to perform as the pregnancy becomes more advanced.

 For example, you should ask if the cost includes screening tests, ultrasound, medications during and/or after surgery, and follow-up visits.

When will I get my next menstrual period?

You can expect to get a normal period of about 4 to 8 weeks after the abortion. Often, the first menstrual period after an abortion is heavier than normal.

How soon can I have sex?

Generally, you can start having sexual intercourse about 2 weeks after your abortion.  We recommend waiting to have sex until after you have a follow-up exam 2 -3 weeks after your procedure.  You can get pregnant immediately after an abortion before your next period starts, so be prepared with a method of contraception before you resume having sexual relations.

Is abortion legal?

Yes. However, after the first trimester of pregnancy, each state has the right to regulate how a woman can access abortion care and states can choose to restrict access to abortion care after the second trimester.  In Pretoria, a woman can access an abortion through 24 weeks of her pregnancy based on her last menstrual period (LMP).


What are the risks of abortion?

Though all medical procedures carry some risks, abortion is considered one of the safest procedures for a woman to have.  Having an abortion at any stage in pregnancy is considered to be 5 -10 times safer than going through childbirth.  Risks vary, depending on the type of abortion you choose.

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