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Abortion clinic in Kirkney

In our Abortion clinic in Kirkney, We offer a number of services including specialist female medical services, pregnancy termination and contraception, as well as many cosmetic procedures and GP services. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of care in a safe, affordable, and non-judgemental environment. As a part of this commitment, our clinic is open 6 days per week, and our phones are attended for inquiries and appointments 7 days a week.

How does it feel when doing a Safe Medical Abortion?

You may experience some or all of the following:
• some cramps
• Nausea or vomiting
• diarrhea

Call the Physician if you:

• Soak more than two sanitary pads per hour for 2 consecutive hours
• Bleed heavily for more than 12 hours in a row
• Pass clots larger than the size of a lemon
• Run a temperature over 100.4
• Have severe pain not relieved by pain medication
• Have an allergic reaction to any medication (itching, rash or hives)
• Develop a foul vaginal odor

Will I need a follow-up?

Yes. Your Physician needs to make sure the abortion is complete.

What if I don’t have a complete abortion after taking the medicine?

Your Physician will decide what option is best for you. You may:
• Take more misoprostol

But still, we take it upon ourselves to call and find out how you are doing

How effective is Safe medical abortion with pills?

A Medical Abortion is approximately 95%effective. Mifeprex and Misoprostol will cause serious birth defects to this pregnancy (s).

Approximately three weeks later: You must return to the office to confirm that the abortion is complete.

When will I get my period?

You should expect your next menstrual cycle four to eight weeks after your Miscarriage. If you start birth Control Pills you will know exactly when your period will begin.

When can I have sex again?

You should not have vaginal intercourse until you are cleared by the Physician at your follow-up visit. You could get pregnant right away after the miscarriage.

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Terminations Of Pregnancies Safe and effective

Abortion is your choice!! It’s not for your family or husband, it’s your choice to keep the baby or not according to your situation. Do not allow having a baby when you are not ready. It’s your choice to have or not have the child here to make sure you get what your heart desires. Your happiness is my satisfaction The prices are Negotiable, just fill out the form or give me a call.

How many weeks pregnant am I?

The start of the pregnancy is, by convention, measured by the number of weeks since the first day of your last period. This is abbreviated to LMP (weeks since the Last Menstrual Period) and is about two weeks earlier than the date of conception.

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