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 Abortion clinic in Krugersdorp

Abortion clinic in Krugersdorp offers same-day Termination services.  Non-surgical abortion (Abortion Pills) which is supposed to stop your pregnancy. Hinder the Pregnancy from growing and vaginal suppositories of Termination Pills which will help expel your pregnancy. With no major complications, No risks to future ability to have children. Get a legal abortion at the Krugersdorp Abortion Clinic, one of South Africa’s best professional Legal Abortion Clinics.  The earlier you are in the pregnancy, the less bleeding and cramping you will have to Experience

When can I take the abortion pill?

Research indicates that the abortion pill is recommended to be taken prior to 10 weeks of pregnancy (since your last menstruation). You can calculate how far along you are thanks to a pregnancy calculator.   If you are pregnant for more than 10 weeks, you might consider another safe abortion method called Manual Vacuum Aspiration.

How Does the Abortion Pill Work

. Effect from 1 week to 28 weeks of pregnancy

. Oral tablets and four vaginal tablets are included.

. The vaginal tablets are self-administered.

. Same-day results with womb cleaning

How does a medication abortion feel?

For most people, medication abortion feels like having an early miscarriage.
You might have:

  • lots of cramping and aches in your belly
  • very heavy bleeding with large clots
  • an upset stomach and vomiting (Your doctor or nurse may give you medicine to help with nausea.)
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • tiredness
  • mild fever or chills on the day you take the pills (If you have a fever after the day you take the pills, call your doctor or health center right away.)​To help ease pain and make you more comfortable, you can:
  • Take pain medication
  • Put a heating pad or hot water bottle on your belly.
  • Take a shower.
  • Sit on the toilet.
  • Have someone rub your back.

Why should I consider a medical abortion?

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This is a very personal decision. Many women find the option of a medical abortion preferable to undergoing a surgical abortion procedure. A medical abortion can be completed earlier in pregnancy, privately and discreetly. You can receive medical abortion treatment as soon as you find out you are pregnant, and up to 10 weeks after the first day of your last period. It has been deemed safe and carries no long-term risks for future pregnancies.

Typical medical abortions have a high rate of success (98%) and are non-invasive. They do not require advance preparation and do not require you to find someone to transport you home from the clinic. You can choose to be alone or request that a partner, friend, or family member stay with you. Even though the procedure will take place in the privacy of your own home, you are under our care and we are available to you at all times.

Abortion Pills Advantage

The pill also allows a woman to have an abortion in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The way that Pill works – is by blocking the hormone progesterone, a hormone naturally needed by the body to maintain an early pregnancy. It causes an early pregnancy to stop growing and detach from the uterine wall.

You should start feeling better the day after your abortion. Feeling sick with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly pain, or a fever for more than 24 hours,

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