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Abortion clinic in Kwaggasrand

Abortion clinic in Kwaggasrand, We offer a range of options for women experiencing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. We understand that your needs are sensitive at this time, so we offer discreet abortions in a PRIVATE and SAFE setting. We will schedule your abortion at a time that best suits your needs while providing the highest quality medical care and support. The decision to have an abortion is very personal, and only you can decide what’s best for you. But we’re here to help answer whatever questions you may have and make sure you get the care you need.

How long do the side effects of abortion pills last?

Women who undergo a medical abortion often experience bleeding and cramping that can last for up to two weeks after the procedure, including passing blood clots. Other common side effects include nausea and vomiting. diarrhea.

Can l get pregnant after abortion?

Having an abortion doesn’t affect your fertility in most cases. You can actually get pregnant just a few weeks after having an abortion, even if you haven’t had a period yet. This will depend on how far along you were in your pregnancy before the abortion happened

How do I find an abortion clinic?

You can contact the Family Planning clinic in your state or territory. You can also use the Find a Health service or call Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby on 0638167664 to get help finding a service near you.

How is the ‘morning after’ pill different from an abortion?

Emergency contraception sometimes called the ‘morning after pill’, can be taken up to 5 days after having unprotected sex. Unlike an abortion, which ends a pregnancy, emergency contraception prevents a pregnancy from happening.

There are 2 types of medication available to prevent pregnancy in Australia. The levonorgestrel pill can be taken up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. Ulipristal acetate (UPA) can be taken up to 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex. Both are available over the counter from a pharmacist without a prescription.’

  • Bleeding and cramping as described in ‘What to expect’.
  • Nausea and vomiting, Fever, and chills are common side effects of misoprostol (the second step).
  • Complications are rare but there is a chance that the medical abortion will be unsuccessful ( approx 2%) requiring a surgical procedure.
  • Our nurses and doctors can provide you with more information about risks and complications.
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