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Abortion clinic in KwaThema

KwaThema Women’s Clinic is committed to helping women access medical (the abortion pill) and surgical abortion in Johannesburg, Soweto, Sandton, Randburg, East Rand, Vereeniging, Sedibeng, Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg, Germiston, Rosebank, Springs, Alberton, Alexandra, Gauteng, Midrand, Marlboro.

How The Abortion Pill Works

The Abortion Pill blocks the hormone needed for pregnancy to continue. Order abortion pills at +27 638167664 for pregnancy termination abortion pills Most women can carry on their usual lives at home or work after taking the pills, but may have some bleeding and period-like pains. The second medication is the pills, which make the uterus contract, expelling the pregnancy similar to a miscarriage. Abortion pills are placed in the vagina. Try to insert them as high up into your vagina as possible. Don’t worry too much about the exact position of the tablets in the vagina;

What happens after taking abortion pills

You’ll experience bleeding and some cramping. It’s very important you use pads and not tampons to avoid infection. You’ll be advised to take pain relief in the form of Paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen. Please do not take Aspirin.

The cramps may become strong – this is a normal part of the abortion process. Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass clots. This is usually at the time you begin to lose your pregnancy. Often the pregnancy is passed into the toilet. You may not see it specifically, and it may appear as a clot.

Side effects of the medication may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and shivering. It may continue to be quite heavy for a day or two as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size. Most women pass the pregnancy within 4 or 5 hours after taking the misoprostol. For others, it can be quicker or take longer.

Medical Abortion Jhb

1 – Our women’s clinic is well-equipped with qualified doctors and nurses.
2 – Our termination doctor has several years of experience in terminating pregnancies.
3 – We use only medically approved termination pills to terminate the pregnancy.
4 – Besides the termination, we provide you with Free Womb Cleaning and Free checkups.
5 – Because our termination Prices are affordable,  students can also afford them. Therefore, Call our women’s clinic to find out about the student discount.

You should start feeling better the day after your abortion. Feeling sick with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly pain, or a fever for more than 24 hours.

Medical Abortion Conclusion

Evidence shows that medication abortion is safe. Serious complications requiring hospitalization for infection treatment or transfusion occur in less than 0.4% of patients under the standard protocol. Medication abortion is highly effective; it has a success rate of more than 95% using the standard protocol.

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