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Abortion clinic in Linden

Our women’s clinic in Linden is committed to making abortion services and pregnancy testing available and accessible to every woman who needs it. We only use safe and tested drugs that are administered by our registered medical professionals, ensuring that your abortion is quick and safe.

How does medical abortion work?

Two sets of medication are administered to terminate the pregnancy

The first medication is given orally to the women at the clinic and will weaken the attachment of the pregnancy to the womb. The second medication is given 36 to 48 hours later to the women. The second set of medication causes the womb to contract and bleed. This expels the pregnancy.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is when specific medication is administered to women for termination of pregnancy. We use the French Abortion Pill in our clinic. This specific medication is approved by the South African Medicines Control Council and must be taken strictly as prescribed.

What happens during an abortion

Before having an abortion, you’ll have an appointment to talk about your decision and what happens next.

Whenever possible, you should be given a choice of how you would like the abortion to be carried out.

There are 2 options:

  • Medical abortion (“abortion pill”) – You take 2 medicines, usually 24 to 48 hours apart, to induce an abortion
  • Surgical abortion – you have a procedure to remove the pregnancy and normally go home soon afterward

After an abortion, you’ll probably need to take things easy for a few days. It’s likely you’ll have some discomfort and vaginal bleeding for up to 2 weeks.

Before you have any elective procedure, it’s important to know the potential impacts it could have on your body and future health.  Risks and side effects vary by the type of procedure and how far along you are.

Signs of pregnancy:

Due to a drop in hormonal levels pregnancy symptoms start to disappear 2 -3 days after your termination, e.g. morning sickness (within 48 hours), tiredness and moodiness, breast tenderness, and breast enlargement. Breast tenderness will be the last to go and can take more than a week. Secretions from your breast can be normal. Do not press on your breast and apply cold cabbage leaves on the breasts to relieve swelling and discomfort if needed. Take Brufen for the swelling and limit fluid intake. If it persists for longer than a week after the termination, please contact the clinic. It can also take some time (sometimes 2 -3 months) for your periods to return to a normal cycle.

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When can a woman not have a medical abortion?

A woman cannot have a medical abortion if one of the following is present:

  • An entopic pregnancy is suspected (a pregnancy outside the womb)
  • Her adrenal glands will not function normally
  • If she is taking long-term corticosteroid medication. i.e. for asthma or blood thinning medication
  • She has a history of a bleeding disorder
  • She has severe and uncontrolled asthma
  • She has porphyria
  • She has an intra-uterine device in her womb
  • She has severe cardiovascular problems
  • She has severe high or low blood pressure
  • She cannot return to the clinic for her two-week follow-up visit
  • She cannot go to a clinic or hospital in case of emergency
  • She has severe anemia
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