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Abortion clinic in Lynnwood Manor

At our Abortion clinic in Lynnwood Manor, We offer quick and safe medical abortion. Medical Abortion means termination using abortion pills. After using the abortion pills, you are also given womb-cleaning pills to avoid infections. This is all done affordably. It is very reasonable because we know the situation that you are going through during this very trying time in your life. All you have to do is to use this number to send a WhatsApp +27638167664 and everything else will be arranged.

Are You Looking for Termination of an Unwanted Pregnancy?

For safe, guaranteed non-judgmental abortion, we are the people to talk to. Our service is quick. It is based on care and empathy. We want you to get out of this issue as soon as possible. It is also important to end the pregnancy professionally and remain healthy.

Homemade Abortion | Abortion at Home

How to Terminate Pregnancy at Home

This is a major concern for many women. Can abortion happen in the comfort of your home? The answer is yes, but with abortion pills.

The only safe method of doing an abortion at home is with a pill.  Do not try other things, Other things you hear from friends will kill you.

It is only pills that control the termination of pregnancy at home, Safely and Effectively. Nothing else will assist you with guaranteed results but abortion pills.

Aspirin, Coca-Cola, and all other things will not help you terminate a pregnancy. Do not waste your time.

If you want to do an abortion at home. Contact me and I will get you the pills and you will be perfectly safe

How To Use Abortion Pills

Women’s Choice Abortion Pills in  Lynnwood Manor offers the best abortion pills that are available internationally. We ensure that you are safe and do the abortion only once.

You will be given two types of pills which are taken orally. You put them under the tongue and let them dissolve there. The reason for doing this is that pills put under the tongue enter your bloodstream and are effective in terminating a pregnancy immediately.

Pills put in the vagina often drop out before dissolving and therefore go to waste.

The pills often work on the day you use them. But the duration of the period they take to work is not the same. Each woman is different. As long as you have taken the right pills and in the right dose, they will end your pregnancy.

You just have to be patient and avoid the anxiety of constantly communicating with the doctor. Just relax and give your body time.

Do not drink water or juice during this time. But can take hot black tea after using the pills.

You should eat normally.

The abortion pills should also be taken during the daytime only so that you can monitor what is going on with your body.

A day later you should take cleaning pills that will be provided, this is to ensure that you do not get infections. Women usually get infections after an abortion. That results in the smelly discharge that happens after abortion. To avoid this, you have to take a dose of antibiotics.

Price of Medical Abortion | Abortion with Pills in Lynnwood Manor

The starting price for both termination and cleaning pills is N$1,200. The price depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. This is important so that you get the right dose of pills as well as the right cleaning pills.

Can African Potato Terminate Pregnancy

No. It is a complete waste of your time. The only thing that terminates a pregnancy is an abortion pill.

Just do not waste time with these things. Get the abortion pill and you will save time.

Abortion pills are not expensive. Need Pills WhatsApp for assistance.

African Potato will not terminate a Pregnancy

Can a Newspaper Terminate a Pregnancy?

No. These things will only succeed in making you sick. You will not achieve the objective of termination.

If you want to terminate, then use a pill.

Laxatives for Termination of Pregnancy

No laxatives will help you terminate a pregnancy. It does not matter how far you are into your pregnancy, laxatives will not help you. You can be 1 week or 2 months, it will not happen.

You will only get diarrhea, and it will end there. If you want to end a pregnancy, use abortion pills. It is that simple.

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