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Abortion clinic in Reiger Park

Our women’s clinic offers three conveniently located abortion clinics in Reiger Park, Sandton, Soweto & Tembisa for women who are considering having a safe abortion. We provide a friendly, safe, professional, and comfortable environment for women who have decided to have an abortion procedure. We are proud of our reputation for treating each patient with distinctive care and the utmost respect. Because of this, we receive many referrals from doctors, hospitals, and clinics across the tri-state area. We offer same-day appointments Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday.

How Does Abortion Pills work

The Abortion Pills interfere with or block the effects of Progesterone, the main hormone to sustain a pregnancy. After it is taken with water, it relaxes the Cervix and helps the contraction of the uterus. Abortion Pills cause the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. Completing the abortion process. Alternatively, you can take Abortion Pills alone, and you will get the desired results. The medical professional will give you the required instructions. Bleeding: Bleeding can be expected to be as heavy as a period for at least 2 days. Bleeding may continue for weeks. Pain: Pain management usually requires over-the-counter drugs, usually. Please ensure they are available to you before starting the process.

Terminate Your Pregnancy in Reiger Park.

How Does a Medical Abortion Work? It works by blocking the hormone progesterone, which is necessary to sustain pregnancy. Without this hormone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, the cervix (opening of the uterus or womb) softens, and bleeding begins. Within a few hours, days after taking the medication, it will cause the uterus to contract and empty. This ends the pregnancy.  But If you are pregnant and can not afford a surgical abortion, which is very expensive, then consider medical termination with a pill. You will achieve exactly the same results, safely, quickly and cheaply.
Abortion pills over the counter? Experts see big hurdles in widening U.S. access - The Hindu

 Unrivaled Practice Designed Exclusively for Women’s Health and Well-Being.

Just steps from Gandhi Square in Johannesburg Central, Johannesburg Abortion Clinic and its staff have become a standard of excellence by which all other facilities and private Johannesburg Central abortion clinics are measured.

Private, Comfortable Abortion Services in Johannesburg

We understand your need for information and desire for privacy. And also, We have established our Patient Care Experience Process with you in mind.

When you first arrive at Johannesburg Abortion Clinic, you will be greeted by our highly trained staff. Our waiting areas are clean and cozy; the decor is made up of beautiful oil paintings and fresh flowers. But We strive to make your visit here both comfortable and reassuring.

Premium Comfort and Care.

We are a private doctor’s office that specializes in private abortion services – we strive to offer the best care for our patients and are in no way an impersonal clinic. but We offer all women a well-appointed, comfortable, clean and discreet facility to turn to during a difficult time.

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