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 Abortion clinic in Roma.

At our abortion clinic in Roma, we understand the pressure of unwanted pregnancy on a woman and her relationship. We guarantee that our services will relieve you of all the worries and stress concerning this unwanted pregnancy. We stand by our word throughout these tough and challenging times. You come as a client, but you will leave a friend. Call today for all your abortion pills Roma. Or any matter concerning the women’s health clinic in Roma.

Our abortion services in Roma

  • We offer the best but affordable services.

The experienced staff makes our abortion clinic stand out from other abortion clinics in Lazio by offering the best services at relatively low prices. This is evident as we are the only women’s health clinic in Lazio, it offers a 20% discount to students and the unemployed.

Abortion clinic in Italy, for the best results

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Mifepristone pills in  Roma

At Dr. Mike’s abortion clinic in Italy, but, We strive to help our clients with the best service possible. We offer free counseling to those who are struggling to make the decision to abort. Among other services, we offer:-

  • Abortion services at our women’s abortion clinic in Roma
  • Approved abortion pills.
  • Womb cleaning pills.
  • Treatment of menstrual-related pains
  • pregnancy care.

We have ground roots in communities around us since we strive to help the local people. This is evident as we have branches in other places among others, e.g. Supportive abortion clinic in Piet Retief.

Womb cleaning pills with a 99.9% success rate.

After having an abortion at Dr. Neo’s abortion clinic, we provide all our clients with womb cleaning. This is to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. When calling or sapping Dr. Neo’s abortion clinics, please provide us with information on where you are calling from and how many months you are. In all our abortion procedures and womb cleaning services, we have a success rate of over 99%. We proudly stand by our promise of safe and affordable abortion services to all people. We look forward to seeing you when these tough times strike.

Private abortion clinics in Italy?

Medical abortion pills in Roma or Private abortion clinics in Italy? Call Dr. Neo for the best services in town. Of all the abortion clinics in ROMA. We are an established abortion clinic. We offer safe, legal, and private abortion services with customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. As explained earlier, but  Medical abortion pills are the safest and most trustworthy abortion pills on the market. Most of the approved abortion clinics in Roma use these pills, with a 98% success rate. Despite the fact that some abortion clinics in Italy use these medically approved abortion pills, but the following reasons make Our abortion clinic in Roma stand out from the crowd of many.

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