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Abortion clinic in Rynoue

Abortion clinic in Rynoue, We specialize in medical abortions whereby we use clinically approved abortion pills in Rynoue to terminate the pregnancy Same day and Pain free without any complications. Our abortion service is carried out by qualified doctors who make sure everything works out properly and confidentially, kept private to suit your needs and budget. Our abortion prices are reasonable, and we offer discounts to students.
Guaranteed Results;
You are covered by our same-day 100% money-back guarantee which means that if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with our service you get a full no-questions-asked second treatment with all costs covered.

Medical abortion has an even lower incidence of complications due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment and the fact that no anesthesia is used. To minimize your risk of complications and adverse reactions, please share your complete medical information and history with us, particularly any known allergies or health problems, and any medications or drugs you are currently taking, including herbal supplements.

How does a medical abortion work?

You can receive medical abortion treatment as soon as you find out you are pregnant, privately and discreetly. Two types of medications are used: Mifepristone (Mifeprex or RU-486) and Misoprostol (Cytotec) tablets. The first medication, Mifepristone, blocks the action of progesterone, a hormone needed to maintain pregnancy. The second medication, Misoprostol, causes the uterus to expel the products of conception. Both are tablets a patient takes by mouth (orally).

The medication works very early in pregnancy and allows you to avoid surgery. It is a non-invasive option; it involves no surgical instruments and anesthesia is unnecessary. After your initial visit to the clinic, the process can take place in the privacy of your own home, at a time right for you.

What happens after taking abortion pills

You’ll experience bleeding and some cramping. It’s very important you use pads and not tampons to avoid infection. . Please do not take Aspirin. The cramps may become strong – this is a normal part of the abortion process. Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass clots. This is usually at the time you begin to lose your pregnancy. You may not see it specifically, and it may appear as a clot.

Side effects of the medication may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and shivering. It may continue to be quite heavy for a day or two as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size. Most women pass the pregnancy within 4 or 5 hours after taking the misoprostol. For others, it can be quicker or take longer.

Womb cleaning pills

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What is the medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a way to end a pregnancy without using instruments or surgery.

Why do some women prefer medical abortion?

  • No anesthesia or surgery required
  • They feel more in control
  • They may feel it is less invasive
  • More natural
  • They may feel it’s more like a miscarriage
  • It’s more private
  • They have the abortion at home
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