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Abortion Clinic In Warrenton

Abortion Clinic In Warrenton is a collaboration between two abortion clinics, South Africa Clinic in the Kimberley region and Abortion Clinic, Limpopo. Established in 1971, we offer specialized care for first and second-trimester abortions (up to 22 weeks of pregnancy). We also provide contraceptive help and advice that fits your reproductive choices.

Early medication abortions

An early medication abortion can occur by using two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol to cause the pregnancy to miscarry.

Since its first use in 1988, mifepristone has been safely used by millions of women and pregnant people worldwide, with approximately 95 to 98% experiencing a successful abortion.

If this happened less than three days ago, you can buy the morning-after pill (Norlevo®) at the chemist’s or pharmacy. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription. The morning-after pill does not offer 100% protection. If your period is more than one week late, take a pregnancy test. You can buy a pregnancy test at the chemist’s or pharmacy.

If you had unsafe sex less than 5 days ago, you can also have a copper coil (IUD) fitted in your uterus. It prevents the continuation of the pregnancy and prevents a new pregnancy.

What I should expect to see after taking the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)?

Usually, when early in the pregnancy, there is no visible embryo. You may experience a heavier period, with some tiny cells that you cannot see, and some tissue lining (like normal shedding as experienced with a heavier period).

What are abortion pills?

Medical Abortion, Is a non-surgical way to end a pregnancy by taking medications. Unlike a surgical procedure, Medical abortion frequently is done without entering the uterus. Our pills have been providing quality and affordable abortion services since 2003,

We sell abortion pills and deliver them to all these provinces.

And all around Africa

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