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Abortion Clinic In Welkom

At our private women’s abortion clinic in Welkom, we offer early pregnancy termination pills, late trimester surgical abortion & womb cleaning services. If you need to have an abortion in the comfort of your home, then order our abortion pills for a quick & pain-free abortion. We provide both medical abortions using abortion pills & surgical abortions depending on the length of the pregnancy, we are here to help you.

Post-abortion bleeding and cramping varies from person to person. You may bleed for 2 days to 4 weeks or have no bleeding at all. For many people, the bleeding stops and starts sporadically. There may be spotting until your next period. You may also find that you are passing large blood clots and have mild to moderate or even heavy cramping. All of this can be normal.

 Abortion pills for sale in Welkom

Medical abortion (or the abortion pill, as it’s sometimes called) involves taking two types of medication at different times to end a pregnancy.

At MSI Reproductive Choices South Africa, medical abortion is available up to 9 weeks + 6 days of pregnancy. For the majority of people who have a medical abortion, it is a very safe procedure. However, not everyone is suitable for a medical abortion, and you may be offered a surgical abortion.

I’m interested, but what else should I consider when making this decision?


Call us, and we can help you think about things like:

  • Responsibilities at home, work, and your schedule
  • Having a support person with you at home who is capable and willing to support you during the entire process
  • Childcare and/or elder care
  • Passing the pregnancy at home, and how you will react to seeing what looks like a lot of blood (when mixed with water, it looks like there is much more blood than there really is), blood clots, and possibly the pregnancy

Will the Abortion Pill Prevent Future Pregnancies?

Infections, not abortion, are the greatest threat to fertility. Regardless of the method, abortion is more than 10 times safer than childbirth.

If you are in need of an abortion pill, contact our Sterling Heights abortion clinic, Westland abortion clinic, or Southfield abortion clinic.

What is the Abortion Pill, and How Does it Work?

Using a series of carefully prescribed pills, a medication abortion terminates a pregnancy in the privacy of your home and allows you to have loved ones around you.

The first pill you are given is called mifepristone and is taken in our office. This pill stops the pregnancy from growing. The second set of medications and pain medication are given to you to take at home. These expel the pregnancy.

Is the Abortion Pill Method Right for You?

  • The abortion takes place over time; you can choose to complete it in one day or two, whatever works best for your schedule
  • You will expel the pregnancy at home
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