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Abortion in Otjiwarongo

Truly, there’s just so much information out there on abortion in Otjiwarongo, especially online. It makes it extremely difficult to sift through what’s real and what’s not, what to believe and who to trust. When you’re looking around for abortion information, don’t just place your trust regarding health care decisions based on discussions you read on a local review page or online abortion forum.

What is the Abortion Pill, and How Does it Work?

Using a series of carefully prescribed pills, a medication abortion terminates a pregnancy in the privacy of your home and allows you to have loved ones around you.

The first pill you are given is called mifepristone and is taken in our office. This pill stops the pregnancy from growing. The second set of medications and pain medication are given to you to take at home. These expel the pregnancy.

Is the Abortion Pill Method Right for You?

  • The abortion takes place over time; you can choose to complete it in one day or two, whatever works best for your schedule
  • You will expel the pregnancy at home

Abortion Pill Failed – What to Do?

First of all, you have to call your doctor and book an appointment. If no bleeding has occurred, that should be a sign that the abortion pill is not working.

What You Should Do If Abortion Pill Failed

The abortion pill is an efficient type of medical abortion that results in the same effect as a miscarriage in the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. Normally, it will cause cramping and bleeding in the next few hours, but sometimes things can go wrong. What should you do if your abortion pill fails?

Abortion Pill: What to Expect?

Lifeline’s medical team reviewed this post.  In a previous blog post, we talked about how the abortion pill (or medication abortion, also referred to as RU-486) works. This new installment of our abortion pill blog series will discuss what you should expect from taking the abortion pill. Does it hurt? How long does the process […]

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