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Abortion in Wonder Park

Abortion in Wonder Park includes the termination of your pregnancy through a medical procedure. Know the facts. Click here for more details about various abortion procedures.BRPC does not provide abortions, but we do provide free abortion consultations and ultrasounds.

 You will receive your results immediately and be able to ask any questions you may have. Our tests are most accurate after you have missed a period. All our pregnancy tests are at no cost to you.

How to abort with abortion pills?

There are two options for medical abortion. Both ways are very effective:

You can use either Mifepristone combined with Misoprostol, or you can use Misoprostol only.

Emergency contraception

What are the different types of emergency contraceptives? 

There are two types of emergency contraceptives that must be used within 120 hours after unprotected sex. You can use copper IUDs (must be placed within 5 days from the unprotected intercourse) or the “morning-after pill” (also known as the emergency pill).

How does the emergency pill work and is it effective?

The emergency or morning-after pill should be taken within 120 hours after unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy. It is effective from 75 to 89% if it’s taken properly and as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse. Even when taken as instructed, there is still a risk of pregnancy.

How to use the emergency pill?

You should simply swallow the pill as instructed; one dose is enough, and taking more than one dose won’t increase your protection from pregnancy. You can buy levonorgestrel pills from pharmacies and drug stores without a prescription.

How many times can you take an emergency pill?

Unlike what you might hear, you can take the emergency pill as many times as you want. However, it is meant as a backup solution and not as a regular birth control method like the contraceptive pill taken every day.

Is the morning-after pill safe? What are the side effects?

The morning-after pill is safe. No serious complications have been reported. However, it contains the same hormones as the daily pill and can have some side effects such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headache, breast tenderness, bleeding between periods, and lower abdominal pain. The side effects usually disappear within 3 days.


What to do after taking the pill

In many cases, you will take the first pill in front of your doctor at your first appointment. You may then return to the office for the second medication between one and three days later. You may experience symptoms like bleeding and cramping for two to four weeks. Your doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to test for pregnancy at the end of this time frame to ensure that the procedure was successful.

After taking the abortion pill, wait at least one week to have sex, even if your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics. This reduces the risk of getting an infection. When you do have sex, use contraception immediately, as you can get pregnant very soon after an abortion.

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