Abortion pills for sale in Bolivia

Abortion pills for sale in Bolivia, If you have an early, and it’s under 16 weeks, we usually recommend that termination be performed with the abortion pill (Medical Abortion), or by medical means. Surgical (In-clinic abortion) works by using suction to take a pregnancy out of your uterus. There are a couple of kinds of in-clinic abortion procedures. Your doctor or nurse will know which type is right for you, depending on how far you are into your pregnancy.

Suction abortion (also called vacuum aspiration) is the most common type of in-clinic abortion.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) is another kind of in-clinic abortion procedure. It uses suction and medical tools to empty your uterus. Where to get abortion pills for sale in  Bolivia

If the treatment includes only the pills (four of Misoprostol + one of Mifepristone), it has a cost of between 250 and 300 bolivianos (bs), which is equivalent to between 40 and 50 dollars. In the informal market, the price can vary, depending on the brand and the context. Generally, each pill is between 80 and 100 bs, that is, between 10 and 15 dollars. In the case of abortion via MVA, its price depends on several factors, including gestational stage and risk levels.

What are the legal and safe medications available?

According to SC: 02-2 / 2014, the treatment with Misoprostol and Mifepristone is available in the country, but only for the cases established in the regulations.

Is abortion legal in Bolivia?

Misox abortion pills in Bolivia.

Abortion is not legal in Bolivia?

However, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitutional Sentence 0206/2014, the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) can be accessed when:

  • a pregnancy has occurred as a result of rape. In this case, the victim can access abortion services in a public or private health center, presenting only a copy of the rape report.
  • if the pregnancy generates a risk to the health or life of the woman. In this case, an evaluation of the doctor or health servant and the consent of the woman will be necessary to carry out the ILE (CIES).

What are the abortion services available in Bolivia?

The ILE services approved in Bolivia are:

  • Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA)
  • Abortion with pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)

Post-abortion care services available in Bolivia vary and according to Constitutional Sentence 0206/2014, there is also a protocol for post-abortion contraception. It indicates that post-abortion contraception should be “promoted during the comprehensive care process of the MVA, which must be offered respecting the free and informed choice of the user, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, promoting the practice of optimal spacing and facilitating access to a wide range of contraceptive methods “(Ministry of Health, 2015).

However, in practice, the right to conscientious objection by physicians delays access to the ILE, forcing women to access unsafe or very expensive abortions.

Misoprostol Abortion pills in Bolivia.

Who can provide a safe abortion in Bolivia?

As long as the grounds of Constitutional Sentence 0206/2014 are complied with, the ILE can be carried out by any certified doctor in the procedure.

The period between the request for the practice and its completion should not be greater than 10 calendar days (Ministry of Health).

Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Bolivia?

No, but if it is within the parameters of the SC, doctors can prescribe them without problem.

What do abortion pills look like in Bolivia?

Misoprostol Abortion pills in Bolivia.

Safe, Legal abortion services

We believe that every woman has the right to privacy, dignity, and access to safe and legal abortion services when faced with the decision to proceed with terminating a pregnancy. This option is available for up to 17 weeks.

At Blue Clinics, Pregnancy termination that is carried out correctly should not affect you. Pregnant and not sure what to do? That can be scary, but you’re not alone. The professional, caring staff will give you all the straight-up information you need. We help you make the right decision for you. Therefore, No pressure, no judgment. Most importantly, Just support.

In-Clinic Abortion

Where can I go to access a safe abortion?

If it is a case referred by ILE, you will be referred to the nearest health center, where the health teams will guarantee the correct procedure.

However, in Bolivia, there are also organizations such as IPAS Bolivia and private clinics that can help with the entire process, medication or required instruments.

Misoprostol Abortion pills in Bolivia.

Always having an unplanned pregnancy can be a very difficult and confusing time. The decision to come to us is never an easy one. However, we believe that every woman has the right to privacy, dignity, and access to safe and legal abortion services. When faced with the decision to proceed with terminating a pregnancy, whether by surgical dilation or by the medical option by Pills.

Can I buy abortion pills online?

No, due to the classification of abortion as illegal, it is impossible to do it online.

What are the signs of complications in a medical abortion?

While passing a pregnancy, the above symptoms are normal. Be alert. Below are some signs that you may be at risk for a complication.

Heavy bleeding amount.

If you soak 2 regular pads per hour for 2 hours in a row after you think you have passed the pregnancy, this is very heavy bleeding. You should seek medical help if you bleed this much..

Intense pain.

If you have extreme pain that does not get better even after you take the ibuprofen, seek medical help. This kind of extreme pain may mean that you could have a complication related to your pregnancy.. We suggest any pregnant woman suffering pain seek medical care

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