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Abortion Pills For Sale In Devon

Abortion Pills For Sale In Devon Known as Medical Abortion is the termination of pregnancy using a combination of medications. Generally, this is available to appropriate patients up to late gestation (24 weeks). You may be eligible to use telemedicine to speak with a doctor prior to starting a medical abortion, instead of having an in-person clinic visit. Taking the Abortion Pill does not involve a surgical procedure or sedation. Dr Mark Abortions Clinic in Devon has the Option for delivery by Mail or Courier, Book on the Hotline at +27638167664. Abortion Pills For Sale In Devon. Abortion Pill – Mifegymiso (Mifepristone/Misoprostol) was approved. The Abortion Pill has been successfully and safely used. The Abortion Pill (Mifegymiso) is up to 95-98% effective.

The pill also allows a woman to have an abortion in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The way that Mifepristone works – is by blocking the hormone progesterone, a hormone naturally needed by the body to maintain an early pregnancy. It causes an early pregnancy to stop growing and detach from the uterine wall.


Really What to expect

Most people will have bleeding that starts within 1-4 hours of taking the medication. It is normal for you to have pain (cramping) and bleeding while the pregnancy passes. You may take pain medication as prescribed by your doctor to help with the pain.

What to plan for

Because you will have bleeding and cramping (and sometimes stomach upset), you should arrange for time off work (at least 1 day), childcare, and to have a support person available to you after you take the medication.

What to have at home:

A heating pad or hot water bottles to help with cramping, light foods (ginger ale, broth, crackers, Jell-o), and menstrual pads.

Always it’s recommended to keep the body warm.

Follow-Up Appointment

1-2 weeks after taking your medications, we will follow up with you either in person or with telemedicine. Your doctor will discuss the reasons to contact the office if needed earlier than this. Four weeks after taking your medications, you should check a urine pregnancy test to make sure it is negative. Do not take a pregnancy test earlier because your body may still have hormones from the pregnancy that will make the test appear positive (a false positive). You do not routinely need a follow-up ultrasound. We are always available if you have any questions or concerns.

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Medical Abortion (The Abortion Pill) – FAQ

Q: How long does it take for the process to be completed?

You will need at least 1 visit. Some women may require 2-3 visits. 95% of patients doing a medical abortion using Mifepristone will be completed in the first week. Bleeding usually starts within 30 minutes to 3-4 hours after using the Misoprostol and may be heavy for 4-8 hours. You may continue to have some bleeding or spotting for a few weeks. There is a 5% chance of a delayed reaction. This does not mean you need surgery but does make the process take longer as you may require more medication and time to pass the tissue.

Q: Can the abortion pills fail?

There is a 3-5% failure rate with this medication and if they have failed to induce an abortion it is recommended that you return to the clinic for uterine aspiration to complete the procedure as the medication is known to cause fetal demise.

First week:
95% are completed

1% will fail after 1 week and need aspiration abortion

2% might require aspiration because of heavy bleeding

3% will wait longer for the bleeding; could be up to 4 weeks

In order to have a medical abortion by using the Abortion Pill – Mifegymiso, you must be no more than 63 days from the first day of your last menstrual period. We will do an ultrasound in our clinic to confirm that you are early enough into pregnancy to take the Abortion Pill. We also will review your medical history to be sure you medically qualify for an abortion with the Abortion Pill, Mifegymiso. You must speak and read English well.

Q: Do I need to miss work/school?

One of the advantages is that you can plan when taking the Abortion Pill is convenient. Once you take the second set of pills, the miscarriage usually happens within 45 min. In this case, you don’t have to miss work or school. However, there are some uncommon instances where the miscarriage is delayed and it does not begin for several hours after taking the second set of pills. In this case, where the bleeding is delayed, we recommend that you stay home until the miscarriage takes place.

Q: What I should expect to see after taking the Abortion Pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)?

Usually, when early in the pregnancy, there is no visible embryo. You may experience a heavier period, with some tiny cells that you cannot see, and some tissue lining (like normal shedding as experienced with a heavier period).

Advantages of the Abortion Pill

Your significant other or family member can be with you during the entire process. Many women appreciate having loved ones when a miscarriage occurs. It can be performed up to 63 days from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. It does not require a surgical procedure.

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Q: Are there Side effects of the Mifepristone

Side effects may include – mild gastrointestinal (stomach) upset nausea; diarrhoea; headache; fever and chills or occasional spotting or bleeding.

Abdominal cramping, mild fevers, and mild gastrointestinal (stomach) upset.

Bleeding usually follows the cramping and can be heavier than usual for several hours. The bleeding then tapers off to light bleeding like a period.

Side effects are typically mild and tolerable, usually lasting a couple of hours but in some cases may last up to a few days.

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