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Abortion pills for sale in Ghana

Abortion pills for sale in Ghana, Abortion pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Our medical abortion pills are affordable & available over the counter. Same-day abortion pills that can be used at home. However, We deliver our early abortion pills worldwide. Misoprostol & mifepristone abortion pills to cause a miscarriage work for first, second, and third-trimester pregnancy

Where can I buy abortion pills in Ghana?

Misoprostol (Cytotec) and/or the combination of Misoprostol and Mifepristone are not legally permitted to be sold in pharmacies in Ghana; however, many of them still do it. This means that there are a lot of unapproved medical abortion pills on the market, and the prices will vary between pharmacies.


Many pharmacists do sell the pills without a prescription; however they do not often provide proper instructions on eligibility, dosage and usage for a medical abortion. Please refer to the following page on our website for comprehensive instructions on how to use the pill:

What do abortion pills look like in Ghana?

The most common brand name for abortion pills in Ghana is MM Combi Kit.

This is what the Mifabon combi pack abortion pill looks like:

Mifabon Combipack Abortion Pill

Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Ghana?

  • For post-abortion care (PAC) information and support or for safe abortions that are legally allowed, please contact Marie Stopes which provides pregnancy crisis management, contraception, and family planning services.
  • Which method is best for me?

    By understanding the technical differences between the different methods of safe abortion, you can make the best decision for yourself. But You can read about the two main abortion methods below 13 weeks on the Abortion with pills vs. manual vacuum aspiration abortion page, and you can reach out to our counselors who will support your decision without judgment.

Abortion Laws in Ghana

Abortion is legal in Ghana in accordance with the “1985 Ghanaian law which permits abortion in cases of rape; incest or the in the case of defilement of a mentally handicapped woman; if the life or health of the woman is in danger; or if there is a risk of fetal abnormality. Surgical abortions are also available in Ghana. The abortion pills generally cost between GHS50 and GHS150.” ii

Is abortion legal in Ghana?

Abortion is Legal in Ghana under the following circumstances:

  • To save the life of the woman
  • To preserve her mental and physical health
  • In the case of rape and/or incest
  • If there is a risk of fetal impairment
  • but In the case of the defilement of a mentally handicapped woman

Despite a progressive abortion law, access to safe abortion services is still limited due to stigma, provider bias, privacy concerns, and high costs.iii

What are the different abortion services available in Ghana?

Ghana provides both medical and surgical abortion services. Surgical procedures that are available in Ghana are Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and Dilation and Curettage (D&C).iv

Post-abortion care is legal and available in Ghana as defined by the Standards and Protocols for the Prevention and Management of Unsafe Abortion

No procedure is without risks; however, major problems are very rare. But The most common complication is infection. But This occurs in 1 in 10 procedures. Before the abortion, the risk is reduced by screening for the germs (bacteria) usually responsible and by giving antibiotics.

Sometimes there may be damage to the neck of the womb (cervix). But This happens in approximately 1 in 100 surgical procedures. It is less common when the procedure is done earlier in the pregnancy.

What is the cost of a safe abortion in Ghana?

The costs of safe abortions differ by facility (private or public), provider and the method used (medical or surgical abortion). The price of medical abortion pills is around GHS50 -GHS150. Generally, a medical abortion costs significantly less than a surgical procedure.

Which abortion pills are available in Ghana?

There are two types of abortion pills available in Ghana

  • A combination of Misoprostol and Mifepristone is available under the brand names MM Combi Kit and Mariprist
  • Misoprostol alone is available under the brand name Cytotec

You should know. It is not possible for a woman to get pregnant about 26 days a month.  Many of the days, when women take the morning-after pill, And also, it is impossible to get pregnant anyway. But This fact makes “effectiveness” statistics for emergency contraception look much better

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