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Abortion pills for sale in Muscat

Abortion pills for sale in Muscat, Abortion pills will induce an abortion & help you terminate your pregnancy without the use of surgery. Pregnancy Abortion Pills to end a pregnancy. If you need to have an abortion in the comfort of your home, then order our abortion pills for a quick & pain-free abortion. Get the best abortion services from us in MUSCAT. Call or WhatsApp +27638167664

What should I expect during a medication abortion?

For some, a medication abortion may cause vaginal bleeding that is much heavier than a menstrual period. The bleeding may be like a miscarriage. There may be severe cramping. There also may be nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills.

Your healthcare professional should explain what to expect in terms of pain, bleeding, and passing the pregnancy. You may be offered a prescription for pain medication, or you can take over-the-counter pain medication. Also, you should have a follow-up plan with your healthcare professional to be sure that the abortion is complete.

  • Does having an abortion affect your future health?
    It’s important to know that in most cases abortion does not affect future health. Abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, depression, or infertility.

Surgical abortion in Muscat

. Surgical abortion is done by professional doctors in our clinic around Muscat. Also, Surgical abortions involve a nurse or a doctor, and it’s a same-day procedure that’s done at the clinic or hospital. Contact Doctor Jeff on +27638167664  for assistance and safe abortion services in Johannesburg

How Effective Is The Abortion Pill?

Very effective! About 98% of clients have a successful abortion when using the pill. Our staff will stay in contact with you throughout your process until we are sure that your abortion is successful, and you are well.

How Safe Is The Abortion Pill?

Very safe! It has been used by hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa since the year 2000 and millions of women worldwide for over 20 years. There are no indications that the abortion pill affects a woman’s ability to have a baby when she is ready – neither getting pregnant nor staying pregnant in the future is affected by using the abortion pill.

How do abortion pills work?

Both abortion pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, are usually used in order to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone causes the embryo to detach from the uterus thereby cutting off essential nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood. Misoprostol is then taken two days later and triggers the evacuation of the embryo remnants through the vagina. This often appears as a heavy period.
It is advisable that you consult with your medical practitioner for a further understanding of how the abortion pill works.

Advantages of using surgical abortion  :

Faster procedure. Most in-clinic abortion procedures take about 5-10 minutes, while medical abortions can take up to 48 hours to complete. Minimal pain and you can be asleep during your abortion. A most effective form of first-trimester abortion, almost 100% effective, extremely rare to require a repeat procedure.

Disadvantages of using the surgical abortion:

You must have an escort with you if you plan to be asleep during your procedure.

Is there pain or discomfort?

Typically, there is cramping (ranging from mild to strong) for a short time during the procedure and right afterward. Medications are available to help. Milder cramps may continue for some time afterward.

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