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Abortion pills for sale in Nicaragua

Abortion pills for sale in Nicaragua, An abortion is a medical procedure performed to end a pregnancy, which is done in a hospital, clinic, or at home with the abortion pill. There are two types of abortion in Canada: abortion pill up to 9 weeks gestation and in-clinic abortion up to 24 weeks gestation.

Making a decision about what type of abortion is right for you depends on many factors such as how many weeks pregnant you are, where you would like to have your abortion, and who you would like to have with you through the process.

Available Medication Abortion  in Nicaragua

These resemble a miscarriage but are a multiple-day process, where 2 medications are taken on 2 separate days and the uterus empties through cramping and bleeding. Overall, people can bleed for about 2 weeks. You do not need to take your first pill on the day of your appointment. You should expect your appointment to last between 3-4 hours and to involve an ultrasound and blood work. This type of abortion is suitable for clients up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

How much does an abortion cost?

In a private center, the cost can range from $ 300 – $ 500 USD. These are clandestine centers.

What are the legal and safe medications available?

Only misoprostol. There are brands such as ACEMISO distributed by PASMO and Cytotec, distributed by Pfizer.

Where can I get abortion pills?

They can be bought with a prescription in pharmacies in the country. But the recipes are not easy to access. The cost is not that high, the box of 28 pills costs $25 USD maximum. The ACEMISO brand is priced cheaper, but it is not available in pharmacies.

Abortion Laws in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua abortion is completely criminalized, there is no exception for the interruption of pregnancy. As stated in law 641 of the penal code in Nicaragua, in articles 143, 144, 145 and recognizes in the 148 and 149 injuries in which is to be born. {1} Nicaragua is part of the 3 countries of the Central American region that do not recognize any legal grounds for the interruption of pregnancy, being this a serious violation of women’s human rights.

Is abortion legal in Nicaragua?

What are the abortion services available in Nicaragua?

Only Post-abortion Care is provided in some public health units. This is recognized in the 2013 protocol for the care of obstetric complications. {2}

Who can provide a safe abortion in Nicaragua?

There are clandestine networks that support secure access, but due to current legislation and the context of persecution, this information is provided with high discretion

What do abortion pills look like in Nicaragua?

ACE MISO (misoprostol) Abortion pills in Nicaragua

Most women feel well after a wanted abortion

Thoughts and emotions are complex before, during, and after an abortion. This is natural since abortion connects to a woman’s journey throughout her reproductive life and well into the future. There is no “normal path” across this time in someone’s life. What’s reassuring to know is that while the abortion journey is initially complex and difficult, with the passage of time, most women feel increasingly positive and at peace about their decision to terminate, as well as keeping the pregnancy if this was their path.

What is the time limit for having an abortion?

If you are less than 17 days overdue, the mandatory five-day wait time does not apply.

Legal time limit for abortion

Under the Criminal Code, this is 24 weeks. In practice, doctors apply a two-week margin of error and stick to a time limit of 22 weeks.

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