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Abortion pills for sale in Qatar

Abortion Pills in for sale in Qatar, We are providing women with world-class Healthcare, at Connect Women’s Health Clinic, we believe women should have access to quality, patient-centered care that responds to their unique needs. Our medical professionals have been selected for their excellence in medicine as well as their devotion to putting the good of the patient first.

How does a medical abortion work?

You can receive medical abortion treatment as soon as you find out you are pregnant, privately and discreetly.

The first medication, Mifepristone, blocks the action of progesterone, a hormone needed to maintain pregnancy.

The second medication, Misoprostol, causes the uterus to expel the products of conception. Both are tablets

a patient takes by mouth (orally).

Abortion Clinic in Qatar

We are proud of our reputation for being a private medical Abortions Clinic office that treats each patient with distinctive care and respect, and our personal dedication to abortion services continues to ensure that women maintain the right and the opportunity to choose to have an abortion.

The medication works very early in pregnancy and allows you to avoid surgery. It is a non-invasive option; it involves no surgical instruments and anesthesia is unnecessary.

Surgical Abortion Procedure

Surgical abortion procedure, but they’re deciding to go through with an abortion, which is one of the most difficult decisions for women of any age. We respect your decision, and we are here to help you through the process.

The choice between Medical abortion pills or Surgical abortion

The decision to have an abortion or continue a pregnancy is not a simple or easy one, and it’s important to take the time to make the best choice between a medical or surgical abortion.

The gestation of the pregnancy may mean that only one abortion option is available.

When can I take the abortion pill?

Research indicates that the abortion pill is recommended to be taken prior to 10 weeks of pregnancy since your last menstruation.

If you are pregnant at more than 10 weeks, you might consider another safe abortion method called Manual Vacuum Aspiration.

Types of abortion at Dr. Mark’s Abortion clinic in Qatar.

Medical abortion pills: This is the use of abortion pills as explained above.
Surgical abortion: This is the use of specialized machines to do abortions.

If you were to ask for our professional advice on which process to undergo to terminate, using pills would be our answer. Abortion pills have a number of advantages compared to surgical abortion. Among others, a few are below as explained by the staff of Dr Mark abortion clinics:-

They can be used at home.
Pills are quick and safe.
Abortion pills are relatively cheaper.

How far is your pregnancy?

The gestation of your pregnancy, or ‘how many weeks pregnant you are’, is counted from the first day of your last period. Medication abortion can be provided between 1 week and sixteen weeks of pregnancy. Abortion can legally be accessed up to the 20th week of pregnancy. However, contacting services earlier can minimize procedure costs and maximize options. In fact, many providers will not help you if you go beyond 28week

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