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Abortion Pills in Hamala

We have   Abortion Pills in Hamala in our Abortion Clinic in Bahrain. We are ASIA’s leading privately owned women’s health and family planning facility. Our mission is to provide you with the services you need when you need them most. If you think that you are pregnant, it is important to establish care quickly, regardless of your insurance status, but  Our pregnancy confirmation program allows you to quickly and afford to determine how far you are into the pregnancy, and whether there are any problems using ultrasound technology.

Side effects of abortion

Up to 40% experience nausea in connection with the medical abortion. Some patients will experience pain that can be managed with painkillers. Most bleed for 1-2 weeks; here the bleeding will be most intense the approx. 2 hours, and the abortion lasts. The bleeding from the medical abortion can vary depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are.

Does the Abortion Pill Damage The Womb?

Serious issues are very rare, but like all medical procedures, there can be some risks.

  • Abortion pills didn’t work, and you are still pregnant.
  • Some pregnancy tissue is left in your uterus.
  • Also, Blood clots in your uterus.

    What kinds of abortion methods are there?

    There are 2 main types of abortion

    1.  Medical abortion “abortion pill”)– taking medicine to end the pregnancy.
    2. Also, Surgical abortion
    • local anesthetic (to numb the cervix)
    • deep sedation or general anesthetic (where you’re asleep)

      Women’s Termination Of Pregnancy

      Birth Control and Pregnancy Counselling Program

      • birth control
      • pregnancy options (abortion, adoption & parenting)
      • preventing sexually transmitted infections and HIV and safer sex practices
      • issues ab
      • out sexual
      • quality and relationships
      • Also, We offer safe abortion Services: Safe Abortions, womb cleaning, and abortion pills at the clinic on appointments or pick up for abortion pills

      Our services

      We provide comprehensive gynecological services for patients of all ages, from adolescence to post-menopause. also, We understand the intimate and special nature of the relationship between the gynecologist and patient and foster that relationship by providing the highest quality of medical care in a truly patient-centered manner.

      In addition to routine annual and semi-annual exams, patients can receive walk-in pregnancy testing, HIV testing, and counseling, GYN services for teens, STD testing and treatment,

    • In Recent Times, Women’s Termination Of Pregnancy Health Care Issues Have Increased Rapidly. At Doctor Sma Abortion Clinics We Have Different Types, Women’s Health Care Issues Are Given The Utmost Importance At Any Minute Of The Day, but we also, Take Specialized Care Of Sexual Problems, Abortion Procedures Using Pills And So Much More. Our Doctors Not Only Treat Gynecological Problems Of Women But Also Provide Assistance In Specific Reproduction Problems Or Terminating Pregnancy using pills that happen Same Day.
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