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Abortion pills in Kisumu

Medication termination is often referred to as the “abortion pills in Kisumu”. It’s 2 sets of pills taken as directed by a trained provider. The first pill is mifepristone which stops the pregnancy from growing. The next set of pills, misoprostol, is taken the same day (at the earliest) but no later than 72 hours.

Not everyone is eligible for the termination pill. You must be within the first 11 weeks since your last menstrual period (LMP) to qualify. Please call the Whole Woman’s Health clinic near Kenya, Maryland to learn more information regarding your eligibility.

Abortion clinic in Kisumu

We will give you the facts about abortion, help you decide which procedure is right for you, and answer all of your questions about safety and side effects. Our dedicated staff is here for you. Have a question? We will answer your questions and concerns in confidence.

How early in my pregnancy can I take the abortion pill?

The abortion pill can be taken up to 70 days from your last menstrual period. Usually, you would not suspect that you are pregnant until you are 1-2 weeks late for your period which would mean that you are usually at least 35 days from your last normal menstrual period (LNMP) and probably more.

Is there a bigger chance of pregnancy problems after a medical abortion?

Premature birth, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, and adverse pregnancy outcomes are not increased in frequency after medical abortion.

Can I drink after I take the abortion pill?

We advise that you don’t drink alcohol for 48 hours. And that you don’t drink alcohol if you are taking antibiotics. Avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while using this medication (mifepristone) unless your health care professional says you may do so safely.

When can you get an abortion?

An abortion typically occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy (the first 12 weeks). A provider may give an abortion in the second trimester, usually for specific instances, but this is harder to obtain and happens infrequently.

How do they determine the length of a pregnancy?

The length of pregnancy is determined from the date of your last normal menstrual period, not from the date of conception which, in most cases, occurs around 14 days from your next menstrual period.

In other words, if your period started on July 1st and your next period was expected to be 4 weeks later on July 28th, then the date of conception would be around the 14th of July, give or take a couple of days on either side.

But, for the purpose of estimating the length of your pregnancy, you would be considered to be 28 days along in your pregnancy.

If your normal cycles were 30 days so that you expected your next period to be on July 30th, then your date of conception would be in and around July 16th, (July 30-14 days), but the length of your pregnancy would be 30 days

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How Much is an Abortion in Kisumu in Kenya?

If you just found out you’re pregnant, it can be tough to think about your options. You may be worried about the future, especially if you don’t have support from a partner, friends, or family. At some point, you may find yourself searching on the web, “How much is an abortion in Kenya

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