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Abortion Pills in Northern Cape.

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What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is when specific medication is administered to women for termination of pregnancy, We use the French Abortion Pill in our clinic.

How is my pregnancy calculated?

A gestation estimate can be calculated by counting the days from the first day of your last period. Because it is very difficult to predict when a woman will ovulate, this calculation method provides only an estimation of the maximum possible gestation. The confirmed gestation, after an ultrasound, may provide a different result.

When can a woman not have a medical abortion?

A woman cannot have a medical abortion if one of the following is present:

-Her adrenal glands will not function normally

  • If she is taking long-term corticosteroid medication. i.e. for asthma or blood thinning medication
  • Also, she  has a history of a bleeding disorder
  • She has severe and uncontrolled asthma
  • She has porphyria
  •   The intra-uterine device in her womb
  •  Has severe cardiovascular problems
  • She has severe high or low blood pressure
  • She cannot return to the clinic for her two-week follow-up visit
  • Or cannot go to a clinic or hospital in case of emergency
  • She has severe anemia

How effective and safe is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is effective in 95% of cases. When the abortion is not complete, the surgical procedure is performed at the follow-up appointment free of charge.

Having a medical or surgical abortion will not affect a woman’s chance of having a baby in the future.

How much does the abortion pill cost?

The cost of a medication abortion (AKA the abortion pill) can vary depending on the state where you receive care and your health insurance (private or government insurance).

Your local Planned Parenthood health center can give you more information about the cost of the abortion and funds that might be available to help you pay for your abortion. Some things to know:

How does medical abortion work?

The first medication is given orally to the women at the clinic and will weaken the attachment of the pregnancy to the womb.

The second set of medication causes the womb to contract and bleed. This expels the pregnancy.

 Dangers of illegal abortions

The tablets might not work. A % of the population does not have receptors for the medication to absorb.

Incomplete abortions – it can happen that not all the products come out, and that can lead to excessive bleeding and infection.

  • Patients can bleed themselves to death.
  • They can develop an infection in the retained products that can also cause death or sterility in the future.

An abortion is always a traumatic experience. Make sure your abortion is safe and allows you the best chance to be healthy after the procedure and have normal pregnancies in the future.

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