Category: Can I buy Abortion Pills at a Pharmacy in Manama

Can I buy Abortion Pills at a Pharmacy in Manama

Can I buy Abortion Pills at a Pharmacy in Manama, It’s No. Abortion pills can not be bought in pharmacies around  Manama. Pharmacies are barred from selling abortion pills. Do not bother going to a pharmacy. You will not get the abortion pills there.

If interested, send a WhatsApp message to +27 638167664, and you will be directed to where you will be able to get the right abortion pills in Manama

Womb Cleaning After Abortion

Kwampilo abortion clinic, we offers womb cleaning free of charge. But We make sure that our clients receive the best care.

If  the bleeding persists for more than three weeks, it’s recommended you seek medical attention

If you are a student, we advise you to make a choice as early as possible to not ruin your schooling career.

Usage Instructions of Abortion Pills:

We shall give you the usage instructions when we give you the medication.

The pills are either put under the tongue or in the vagina. You can choose what you prefer, and you will be OK.

You can use both methods together or one of them. The results are often the same.

Abortion Pills for Sale in Manama

Let us get you the right abortion pills in Bahrain.

Abortion pills are in Bahrain, but not an envelope or hospital sleeve. See the pictures on top.

Very cheap pills are always not the real thing. But The sellers are not fools.

Our abortion pills are affordable, the price depends on the dose and how far you are into your pregnancy.

You will get the right dose. The right dose is critical, getting the right pills, but the wrong dose is as good as getting fake pills.

They do not have long-term side effects.

You will be able to fall pregnant again in the future.

What will happen over the next few days after taking the pill

  • You will bleed in a controlled way from a few days to a few weeks. Nothing to worry about. However, spotting is common.
  • Spotting can continue until the around next menstrual period.
  • You get your life back, less the pregnancy symptoms. But In a few people, pregnancy symptoms linger for a while.
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