Category: Does Medicare cover Cytotec and how much does it cost?

Does Medicare cover Cytotec and how much does it cost?

Does Medicare cover Cytotec and how much does it cost?, Most Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage prescription drug insurance plans do not cover Cytotec but usually cover the generic, misoprostol.. For patients without coverage for Cytotec, SingleCare’s free Cytotec coupon reduces the cost of Cytotec to $2.13. Search our website or app for the SingleCare price for both Cytotec and its brand name alternative for more information and savings.

How to save on Cytotec

Pfizer, the manufacturer of Cytotec, does not offer Cytotec manufacturer coupons at this time. In addition, the Pfizer copay savings card does not cover Cytotec.

Pfizer does, however, offer several Cytotec patient assistance programs for uninsured patients, the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program, the Pfizer Institutional Patient Assistance Program, and the Pfizer Savings Program. Contact Pfizer’s RxPathways for information, eligibility, and enrollment forms.

To save money, patients might consider the generic alternative to Cytotec marketed under the generic name, misoprostol. Consult the Cytotec generic section for availability and suppliers.

SingleCare offers significant savings with a Cytotec coupon welcomed at many major neighborhood pharmacies, such as Longs Drugs, Walmart, Walgreens, and many more. Our lowest price for Cytotec is currently $2.13, but it could be even lower depending on the dosage prescribed.

Is there a generic of Cytotec?

Cytotec is a brand-name prescription drug with the active ingredient, misoprostol. Generic misoprostol is manufactured by Lupin, Nucare, GenBioPro, and others.

What is Cytotec?

Cytotec is a brand-name prescription drug used to prevent stomach ulcers in patients taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin). but Cytotec is similar to prostaglandins, hormones that are responsible for reducing stomach acid production.

Prostaglandins also stimulate uterine contractions, thin the cervix, and promote menstrual bleeding.

How much does Cytotec cost without insurance?

The retail price of Cytotec for uninsured patients averages $115.99. You will pay $2.13 per 60, 60 Tablets Tablet for that same Cytotec prescription using a SingleCare discount card. Save up to 80% off the retail price of prescription drugs with SingleCare.

How much does Cytotec cost with insurance?

Copay costs of Cytotec will vary depending on your insurance plan.  With SingleCare, Cytotec costs $2.13. Ask your pharmacist to help you compare your insurance copay to your SingleCare discount.

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