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How do I get abortion pills in Michigan

How do I get abortion pills in Michigan, Abortion pill (medication abortion) services are available by appointment only. Plan to be at the health center for 2-4 hours (s) for your entire abortion pill visit (medication abortion). You will need to follow up within 1-2 weeks to make sure your abortion is complete and that you are well.

Does insurance cover abortion pills?

A medication abortion can cost up to $750, but it’s often less.  Some insurance plans don’t cover abortions. You can call your insurance provider directly to find out their policies. Some government health insurance plans (like Medicaid) in certain states cover abortion, while others do not.
Michigan allows abortion coverage in cases of life endangerment, in cases involving a pregnancy reduction for a multi-fetal pregnancy when the abortion increases the probability of a live birth, or preserves the life or health of the child after live birth.
Many states have restrictions in place that ban abortion after a certain point in pregnancy, usually 20 or 24 weeks. Currently, most states allow abortion up to week 20 of pregnancy — but that doesn’t mean they make the process easy.

How can I get a free abortion in Michigan?

Can I Get an Abortion For Free? Abortion procedures are not free, though the cost of an abortion can vary depending on an individual’s situation. The State of Michigan does not allow Medicaid to cover abortion, so having an abortion at no cost is not legally possible.

How much does an abortion cost without insurance in Michigan?

Second-trimester abortions run an average of $1,200. Late-term abortions can be even more expensive, at $3,000 or more. Price also varies by provider; clinics, private practice abortionists, and or hospitals.
Does Aetna Cover Abortions? Certain Aetna plans do cover elective abortion, although this depends entirely on where the patients live. In some states, elective abortions are illegal unless there’s a severe medical issue with either the fetus or the mother.
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