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How do you treat an incomplete abortion?

How do you treat an incomplete abortion, Incomplete abortions are most commonly treated expectantly with frequent obstetrics follow-up and serial quantitative beta-hCG levels. Most of these women will expel the fragments of conception on their own without the need for further medical or surgical treatment.

What are the signs of an incomplete abortion?

Signs of an Incomplete Abortion

– Moderate to severe vaginal bleeding (saturating more than one pad an hour)

– Lower abdominal and/or pain.

– Pain in the back, buttocks, genitalia, and perineum.

– Passing blood clots.

– A fever.

Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) can occur in as many as 15% of pregnancies, usually in the first trimester. If untreated, incomplete abortion frequently leads to continued vaginal bleeding and consequent anaemia. The retained products can also give rise to uterine sepsis.
Pregnancy hormones can linger in your body for a few weeks after the procedure. This will delay ovulation and menstruation. Symptoms of pregnancy following an abortion will be similar to symptoms of any pregnancy

Can antibiotics treat incomplete abortion?

Incomplete abortions cause many complications and the deaths of tens of thousands of women each year. Women who seek health care after an incomplete abortion usually come for problems from bleeding too much or infection. Antibiotics are generally given when there are signs of infection.
Misoprostol causes the uterus to contract, which forces the pregnancy tissue to pass out through the vagina. This treatment results in bleeding, which can be similar to having a heavy period. Some people experience heavier bleeding than others, and it may contain large blood clots.

Despite how well you may feel, do not exercise strenuously for the first week.

Increased activity (such as returning to work) may cause more cramping and bleeding.

Breast tenderness and swelling may last up to 2 weeks.

Avoid stimulation of the nipples to reduce breast discharge

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