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How Effective Is the Abortion Pill?

How Effective Is the Abortion Pill, The abortion pill is considered one of the best solutions for ending a pregnancy. It’s more than reliable, and doctors say that in only 1% of cases, it can cause specific side effects. Literally, there is no difference in effectiveness level between surgical and medical abortion, but there are factors that can decrease the effectiveness of the abortion pill. If you don’t take both medicines correctly, or you have an ectopic pregnancy, there is only one way to abort, and that is with surgical abortion. When your fertilized egg implants outside the womb, the medicines won’t work.

Abortion Pill Failed – What to Do?

First of all, you have to call your doctor and book an appointment. If no bleeding has occurred, that should be a sign that the abortion pill is not working.

What You Should Do If Abortion Pill Failed

The abortion pill is an efficient type of medical abortion that results in the same effect as a miscarriage in the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. It’s a combination of two potent drugs called mifepristone and misoprostol. All the progesterone your body produces will be stopped, and your pregnancy won’t develop further. Normally, it will cause cramping and bleeding in the next few hours, but sometimes things can go wrong. What should you do if your abortion pill fails?

Abortion  pills Services

The Center offers all current methods of birth control and pregnancy testing, including the following:

  • Sensitive pregnancy testing by urine or blood sample
  • Yearly exam including PAP, pelvic exam, breast exam, urinalysis, and birth control prescription
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Cultures
  • HIV Testing
  • RPR testing
  • Depo-Provera Injections
  • Urine Cultures
  • IUD Insertion with Pap test
  • Free Counselling Services
  • Sonograms

Misoprostol in Abu Dhabi

Reproductive Rights

Florida State law allows same-day procedures. Married women do not need their husband’s consent. Parental notification, either by telephone or certified letter. If you are unable to tell your parent or guardian about your decision, you can ask for a court order, so you do not have to tell.

For information that helps teens know their rights, please contact our office.


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