Category: How far along in my pregnancy can I use this method?

How far along in my pregnancy can I use this method?

How far along in my pregnancy can I use this method? Six to 14 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Women are often asked to wait until six weeks of pregnancy to decrease the possibility of leaving all or part of the pregnancy behind after the surgical procedure. If performed earlier than six weeks, the procedure may be less effective.

Reasons to choose a medical abortion

  • It can be used in the earliest weeks of pregnancy
  • It requires no surgery
  • Also, it  requires no anesthesia
  • and also has the potential for greater privacy
  • Some women feel it gives them greater control over their bodies
  • It may feel more “natural” for some women

Reasons to Choose a Suction Curettage (Surgical) Abortion

  • It requires fewer office visits
  • The procedure takes a short amount of time
  • It is more effective than medical abortion (less risk of an incomplete procedure)
  • Women usually do not have heavy bleeding at home

How much do abortion pills cost?

An online second opinion from UCSF Health costs $700.

  • Access to a personal care coordinator and staff doctor from Included Health
  • Collection, digitization, and submission of your medical records by Included Health
  • Medical review by a UCSF Health Specialist
  • A written opinion from this expert
  • Follow-up to address questions and referral needs related to the second opinion

How long does it take?

We do our best to deliver your written second opinion as quickly as possible. The time frame depends on how quickly Included Health is able to obtain all medical records relevant to your case. After these are collected, most patients receive their written second opinions within five to seven business days,

Your Included Health personal care coordinator will keep you updated on the status of your request. You can also log in to your secure account at any time to track its progress.

Who chooses the doctor providing my second opinion?

After carefully reviewing your second opinion request and medical records, our experienced team will determine which UCSF specialist is most appropriate for your needs. However, you may request a particular doctor, and Included Health as well as UCSF will try to accommodate your wishes, t

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