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How to take mifepristone and misoprostol

How to take mifepristone and misoprostol, The timing when you administer your medication is important. If your pregnancy is 10 weeks gestation, you will need to come into the clinic to take your medications.



  • Step 1 – You will swallow the first medicine (mifepristone) with water
  • pace 2 – 1 to 2 days later, you will take the second medicine (misoprostol)
  • Stride 3 – 3 to 4 hours after the first dose of misoprostol, you will take another dose


You will then pass the pregnancy at home.


Step 1 – Mifepristone


Swallow the mifepristone tablet with water.


You may have nausea or vomiting after swallowing the mifepristone, If you do vomit, you should still use the misoprostol as outlined below, Please telephone if you have any concerns or if you vomit within 30 minutes of swallowing the misoprostol and mifepristone.


Most women do not have bleeding or pain until they take the second medication (misoprostol). Bleeding can occur after taking mifepristone, but it is usually light.


If bleeding does happen, you should still use the misoprostol and may wish to consider placing it between your cheek and gum. Contact us if you have any concerns.


Steps 2 and 3 – Misoprostol


Misoprostol tablets are placed in the vagina or between the cheek and gum. See below for more details.


Misoprostol (the second medication) causes strong, however painful cramps and heavy bleeding.


Instructions for using misoprostol (second medication)


You will have 6 tablets of misoprostol.


Step 2 – misoprostol


Use 4 tablets placed either in your vagina or between your cheek and gum.


Into the vagina


Insert 4 tablets as high as possible in the vagina; the exact location is not important, only that they do not fall out.


You can do this while lying down, squatting, or standing with one leg up – whatever is most comfortable for you.


EMA misoprostol vaginal insertion




Into the mouth between the cheek and gum


Place 4 misoprostol tablets into the mouth between the upper cheek and gum and allow the tablets to dissolve for 30 minutes.


If the tablets have not completely dissolved within 30 minutes, you may swallow what is left with water.



Some clients describe the taste of misoprostol as unpleasant and the texture as chalky. Placing the tablets between the cheek and gum is associated with higher rates of nausea, and vomiting.


Step 3 – Repeat misoprostol


3 to 4 hours after the first misoprostol tablets, use the 2 remaining tablets by either placing them in your vagina or between your cheek and gum.

Unwanted pregnancy pills and legal issues

At Neo’s, the clinic supports women seeking termination or abortion for an unplanned pregnancy. The clinic is based in South Africa and the clinic can provide medical termination of pregnancy with medication only, or can arrange surgical termination. We provide the safest medical abortion pill services at affordable rates. We have several facilities around the country. Your health is the most important, so do follow-ups on all our patients. We further provide counseling services for those who need them.

Pre-termination ultrasound

Before any termination of pregnancy can proceed, it is a legal requirement that the woman have an ultrasound to accurately date the pregnancy, and exclude an ectopic pregnancy where the pregnancy is not in the normal location in the uterus.

Medical termination of pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy can be performed until 9 weeks of pregnancy, Women are prescribed a series of medications over two days which result in the expulsion of the pregnancy,

Surgical termination of pregnancy

Surgical termination involves a short operation of approximately 15 minutes duration in which the pregnancy is removed from the uterus.

Costs:  Surgical termination costs may vary depending on women’s personal and financial circumstances. Women seeking this option should use the contact form to discuss their individual situation.

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