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Medical Abortion Clinic in Pretoria

Medical Abortion Clinic in Pretoria, A woman seeking a medical abortion can obtain one through our doctor’s office or at our abortion clinic and should expect two or more visits to complete the process, as another drug, must be taken to terminate the pregnancy. Most people prefer doing medical abortions,

Termination of Pregnancy in Pretoria

We offer termination of pregnancy services, In order to terminate a pregnancy, two types of abortion are available to women but as Wits, abortion Women’s Clinic we only offer medical abortions done by means of termination pills Below are the two types of abortions. Surgical Abortion/ Termination of Pregnancy.

Medical Abortion

As the name goes, medical abortions do not involve surgery or other invasive methods but rely on medications to end a pregnancy. A medical abortion involves taking the drug; often called the termination pill. Termination pill is not available over the counter and must be provided by a health care professional. If you stay in Johannesburg and Pretoria, you can easily assess our clinics. Parking is also available.

Legal Abortion

Life is hectic…your health should not be. Come today and experience what a real doctor-patient relationship can be like. The clinic also provides risk assessments for young women who are considering the use of hormone contraceptives. Wits Clinic for Women is a sexual and reproductive private health clinic that offers safe termination of pregnancy which is non-surgical and done using termination pills (Medical abortion). Our doctors Dr. Melissa & Dr. Bismarck work in conjunction with each woman’s healthcare providers to complement her specialized treatment.

Choosing a Method

Both surgical and medical abortions are effective and safe forms of terminating a pregnancy. However, the processes for each procedure are very different. Some women choose surgical abortion because it is relatively quick and requires only one step. Others choose medical abortion because they feel it gives them more control over the process. Because every woman is different, we invite you to call us and discuss in further detail which option is best for you. We want you to make an informed decision and feel confident in your choice. We also do same-day deliveries for the full package of medications to all the above-mentioned areas. Call for an appointment today!

Advantages of Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a non-surgical procedure. Surgical abortion is unpleasant while medical is Medical abortion allows a woman to have the Freedom of Choice we all deserve Medical abortion is like a miscarriage, which occurs at home. So expect Normal Periods. Most women find this idea more natural and private. If a woman chooses this option, it is best if she is able to “clear her schedule” such as work or social occasions.

We deliver worldwide

Before the abortion process, when you come to our facilities for your first appointment, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your situation (if you want to). You will be informed about the different methods of abortion, and which method is suitable for your stage of pregnancy.

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