Category: Medical abortion services in Lesotho

Medical abortion services in Lesotho

We offer both Medical And Surgical abortion services in Lesotho from 3 to 24 weeks, and non-surgical medicinal

abortion from 5 to 8 weeks. All patients are offered follow-up appointments in which we will discuss birth control options. but If desired. Our comprehensive gynecological care includes contraception counseling, pap smear,

colposcopy, Ectopic Pregnancy, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, The Morning After Pill, fertility evaluation, management and treatment of infertility, genital dermatology, and vaginal rejuvenation.

We are confident that you will be comfortable and impressed with our talented staff. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

Buy Abortion Pill in Lesotho

If you have an appointment already scheduled for Medical Abortion at Northland Family Planning, please click here for your pre-appointment instructions, paperwork, and videos. Completing this information will significantly reduce your wait time in the clinic. But If you are scheduled for a surgical abortion, that paperwork is different and can be found here.

Abortion, COVID, and the Courts

In May 2020 the ACLU sued the FDA, petitioning the courts to remove the requirement that Mifeprex be dispensed in person during COVID-19.

Fetal Development Weeks 4-85

The following describes some developmental steps of the baby during the time frame when a woman is eligible for a medication abortion.

  • Nerves, brain, and spinal cord begin to develop
  • Also, the Heart begins to beat
  • Eyes, arms, legs, lungs, and stomach begin to form

All organs are present by week 8

Considering a medication abortion?

You will first need to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. By making an appointment at Lifeline, you will receive a pregnancy test as well as an ultrasound, both at no cost. If our medical team confirms that you are pregnant, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options. What if you have taken the first abortion pill already and are having regrets? It may be possible.

Does Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Work?

Many women report successful pregnancies after effective abortion pill reversal treatment. Statistically, 64-68 percent of pregnancies proceed to term after women choose the reversal protocol. The sooner you start treatment, the higher your possibility is of continuing your pregnancy

Is There a Higher Risk of Birth Defects?

No. Research reveals that mifepristone doesn’t appear to cause birth defects. But the progesterone used in abortion pill reversal treatment is the same as progesterone used by physicians during pregnancy for the past fifty years. A study of 754 women who went through the protocol for abortion pill reversal showed that the rate of birth defects is lower or the same as the general population, so it appears to be safe.

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