Medication abortion care in Denmark

Medication abortion care is an FDA-approved in Denmark, non-invasive option for ending an early pregnancy. but It is another safe and effective option for a person who is seeking abortion care,  Medication abortion is growing in use among patients and is now about 40% of all abortions.  Also, The next set of pills, misoprostol, causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus.

What are my options?

Someone who experiences an unplanned pregnancy has multiple options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. If you are considering any of these three, please schedule an appointment today to talk with our caring staff to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Misoprostol only abortion near me in Denmark

Some providers in the U.S. near Columbia, Maryland, and many internationally, use a misoprostol-only protocol to complete an abortion., but  Many people self-managing their own abortion care also follow these protocols. While not approved by the FDA, this regimen is common and is also effective.

Yes. We recognize that privacy is of the utmost importance to our clients, and so all appointments are confidential. Your information will only be shared if there is a serious concern about your safety.

 Does the abortion pills have side effects?

There are lots of myths about the effects of an abortion. Here are some facts:

  • Unless there is a rare serious complication that was left untreated, there is no risk to future pregnancies or overall health.
  • Abortions don’t increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Abortions do not affect fertility.

Is it safe to buy the abortion pill online?

In short, yes. Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock wrote in a letter to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine that overall findings from studies conducted during the pandemic “

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