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 Termination pills available in Diepsloot

Termination pills available in Diepsloot, This involves taking medicine to end the pregnancy and it can be used at any stage of pregnancy. But You will be awake and aware of the process, and you may see the pregnancy come away. Your healthcare professional can explain what this might involve, depending on how far along your pregnancy is.

Enter The First Day Of Your Last Period To See Your Options

Please use this calculator before selecting your options from the appointment form below. Note: Seeing a trained medical professional is the only way to accurately determine the length of your pregnancy and what options are available.

If your termination takes place after 21 weeks + 6 days

If you are 21 weeks pregnant or more, you will be offered a procedure that is referred to medically as feticide. This is an injection to stop the fetal heartbeat, so the baby is not born alive. However, some doctors may not agree to end the pregnancy without it.

If you choose to have a medical abortion in hospital

. The active ingredients in the pills will cause the womb to contract. You may experience severe menstrual pain, particularly while the body is expelling the contents of your womb. It is also normal for you to experience bleeding, with blood clots.

Taking the Abortion Pill Too Late in Your Pregnancy

To confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are, schedule an appointment with us for free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. but The ultrasound will also ensure that the pregnancy is viable and located in the uterus.

Risk of Non-regulated Pharmaceutical Sites

Search for “How to order the abortion pill online?” and you’ll likely come across websites offering abortion medication, delivered right to your door. Before you keep browsing, it’s essential to take a second to understand where exactly these pills are coming from!

The FDA currently states that online purchases of Mifeprex are illegal and that the drug should only be dispensed through healthcare facilities, including clinics, medical offices, and hospitals.

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